Imperial Patriotism on a Galactic Scale

It is, the most beautiful sight in the Galaxy.
On the Galaxy.
Basking done right.

I'm just glad to be home safe and sound at Achenar. [noob]

Hey what's with all these stations on fire? [mad]

I leave you guys for a couple months and there's aliens now???
This is why we cant have nice things. [alien]
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Right on, Commander! "Only the Empire can show you the way."

Also, like you mentioned about aliens and such, it's sometimes interesting to imagine how explorers would react in-universe when they get back after being away for a long time. For example, way back then I went on a longer trip, and my Commander would have found out that while he was away, the ailing old Emperor Hengist Duval went into a coma, then recovered, was scheduled to marry Florence Lavigny, and was assassinated on his wedding day.
Assuming that you can't read (or listen to) GalNet everywhere in the galaxy, of course.
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