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I just started learning TMTK (Not new to 3d modeling) I have a feeling that I'm doing something wrong! The model becomes fuzzy as if the lods are interfering with each other. Anyone know what might be the issue here. It happens to all the models I try to import. I'm using Blender 2.79

If the item is supposed to be black it is grey in the light and black in the shadows. I followed several tutorials I think I'm missing something. All my BC Maps Are Base Color: #e6e6e6

Create mesh add material
Recalculate Normals
Apply rotation and scale
make lods
export to fbx (I tried 7.4 & 6.1)

Version FBX 6.1 ASCII
Forward: YForward
Up: Z Up
Smoothing: Normals Only
Selected Objects Unchecked
Unselect Animation (If None)

Create all the materials with correct naming.

I tried just the BC map and get the same results as I do adding all my maps (BC AO F1 F2 EM RN SM)
I tried adding just a RN map and BC map and it was the same results. I think it's my mesh :(
I tried making a simple cube and it was the same results

I followed Ms.RedNebula Youtube tutorials for getting started (Watched them all several times)

Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

Also, Can someone tell me if the 8000 tris limit is with all lods together or for one lod individually?

I Attached A Tester Mesh pic (Cylinder+Cube) As you can see the mesh is grey when it's supposed to be black and the mesh is fuzzy looking

UPDATE: I tried exporting the samples (Mermaid Satue) and everything worked fine. So I'm thinking its my mesh or materials
seems to be 24 bit png textures fix this problem

can someone confirm the png format for the icon and the textures?


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