News Important Community Update (01/03)

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LOL "We know that waiting for a mammoth update like this one is going to feel like your 3rd run to Hutton Orbital. "
Thanks Will, looking forward to the new era but even the small QOL improbrmnts will be welcomed. The community events/CG changes sound especially intriguing o7
Thanks for the news! For over a year and a half, a huge work is going on. Space legs and atmos together? my bet on legs and it's associated gameplay :)
Mmm, I feel like I'm one of the only ones not seeing this as positive news. I'm not sure if the game in it's current form can carry players that long. Unless the small updates will bring enough new content, I don't see the majority of players hopping around this galaxy for another 1.5 years while other games will be released in the meanwhile.
And the cost will be?

Will whatever the cost is cover a single update, numerous updates or a season?

Or have you not worked this detail out yet?
Surely their own two updates worthy of being called the next milestone and setting aside over two years of development time to work on it.

Living breathing, atmospheric worlds

I'm saying it legs, as living breathing atmospheric worlds are worth it until we can walk.

Hopefully the next two years will focus heavily on catching up on some of technical debt and on fixing all those bugs and create a really solid foundations for the next big milestone.
It has to be Legs.
But thanks for the roadmap. It's appreciated. A roadmap for legs...kinda makes sense :)
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The latter half of 2020 is also the start of the next console generation. A new era indeed. So I guess, given this development takes 2-3 years for Frontier, the Elite experience will be completely transformed:

  • Brand new graphics engine (either Unreal Engine or a completely new version of Cobra)
  • "Space legs" + social spaces
  • Atmospheric landings - at least on non-water worlds and non-earthlikes

If the update was going to be released this year, I would guess only one of these would be realized. Given that it's coming at the end of 2020, which is like developing a completely new game, I do think this will contain all of the above (among a lot of other things obviously), transforming Elite really into a brand new game. This amount of development time should be enough for all these big features in my opinion. Elite will probably transform from a purely spaceship game into a first-person sci-fi adventure game (but almost certainly not like a traditional FPS). Either way, I can't wait.
Could you tell us what the next big milestone update is please? Knowing what we're waiting for will make the waiting much easier.
What? And ruin the surprise?
Not to mention the withering criticism and nonsense from the rabid forum.
Unending experts weighing in with weighty huge posts about why his/her idea is better etc.

You want that?

I'd rather see insane speculation that gets even more fantastical over the long long months
with the Legs Vs. Landings factions going NUTS
Will there be any changes to the FSS and more specifically is there any chance of reviving the old ADS gameplay of system trawling for odditys and interesting picture oppurtunitys?
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