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Oh my Zac is alive and well , we thought he went missing on one of his adventures with ED .

How can i explain this to the people that gave to the collection for a memorial and statue.

All kidding aside well done Zac, good to hear that core gaming is more important than shop content.
Chapter 4 wont be content complete for 4 more months.

So you don't know if Fleet Carriers are still free or not, but you do know that you can't comment on them for at least another 4 months?

NOT a rhetorical question, looking for honestly clarity here.

Cause that would infer that Fleet Carriers and Squadrons are at LEAST 8 months off at this point.
Relevant quote:

Squardons is still a major part of the Beyond - Chapter Four update.
Yeah I suppose some of that tech would also enhance the other airless worlds.

I'm a fan of Elite and support this game. It's just that well if I read between the lines it's: post-pone 2 major features for 2019 and no premium content. There's literally nothing new in this announcement that we haven't heard about before for Beyond Chapter Four.
Yeah. It's a bit disappointing.
They've been cut from Q4. By the sounds of it, fleet carriers will still come later whilst elements of the tech that's been developed so far for Ice Planets will still be used as part of a general visual overhaul of the game.
I read it like 'Squadrons' are still in, Fleet carriers out.


Squardons is still a major part of the Beyond - Chapter Four update. However, the fleet carriers specifically were prioritized and unfortunately won't be making it into the Chapter Four update. they may well come in the future and that doesn't mean that they will be paid for content. But as you'll see in the post of mine above, it's a little early to be able to talk about the dates and details at this time. We'll soon be able to share more details on the Beyond - Chapter Four update as a whole. Hope that helps?
Disappointing, but thanks for clearing that up throughout the thread.
Thank you for the update. The only thing I wanted to know is that development would continue way after the Beyond season comes to an end. This is more than just a game for me, I have been living and breathing Elite since the first day on Xbox One (June 15, 2015, more than three years). I have my problems with it yet I want to stay with the game as long as possible. As long as development continues you can count me in. I can't wait for this new era, which I guess will radically change what Elite Dangerous is, and it's really exciting. I will continue to support the game (both by playing and by microtransactions as much as I can afford and is reasonable) as long as you also show commitment to it. I'm glad this is the case. If your game didn't exist I would've missed out on thousands of hours of fun, and even more importantly meeting some good friends who've made my days and nights so much better. I will continue this journey with you, Frontier, and hope it will last forever honestly. :)


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This means that some elements of content such as Ice Planets (which many of you will have seen some fantastic progress updates from LaveCon earlier this year) and Fleet Carriers for squadrons will not be coming as part of the Beyond – Chapter Four update.
Thanks Zac,

Can you clarify if the missing elements in Chapter 4 will come at some point prior to the next Season?

During this process, we have made a decision to adjust the focus of content that were previously planned for the Chapter Four update, adding some significant new gameplay
Can you please explain what is this "significant new gameplay"?
Speculation is the mother of all rumours Zac :)

The unnamed era sounds interesting. If squadron carriers (speculation rising) cannot be introduced in chapter 4, I suspect its down to how the game works (P2P) and how such connectivity is too "fragile" across the player base for it to be a viable. Therefore (rumour control at full volume here) we may be looking at a complete new approach to multi-player provision and a move away from P2P and into the realms of "other games" methods of delivery. Once up and running then we get the introduction of carriers (rumour mill now smoking as the gears overheat) as paid for content.
I was thinking along this same line of thought. As more of the game moves towards features that allow players to interact with each other, the peer to peer nature of the game continues to be a major week spot. Carriers would seem to stretch this architecture to it's breaking point.
Could we be looking at a change to a subscription model?
Uhm so Frontier cut two of the biggest features that people are waiting for: improved planetary graphics and Fleet Carriers. They also cut the premium content.

They announced nothing new that would replace said major content for the Beyond Chapter Four update...

How does that benefit the fans who are waiting for this stuff?
The main benefit I see : more time to play NMS :) With my freighter and its fleet. With my bases too !

Zac Antonaci

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I am a littl disappointed that fleet carriers won’t be in chapter 4, but if that means they’ll be more in depth than they were planned I’m okay with waiting a little longe for them. Any details on what the visual upgrade means? I don’t follow what is meant by ice planets, I’ve landed on a number of ice planets before, unless they mean the larger ice bodies that typically accompany Brown Dwarf Stars etc. Exploration is my main occupation in Elite so I’m happy that they’re working on more for that (although I’ll grind that last 40% of pioneer to get to Elite just in case the exploration expansion comes with a Nerf :p). Do we have any idea what chapter 4 is besides the visual upgrade and Codex?
The visual update is something that we showed at Lavecon this year. It shows some significant lighting and other improvements to make the game even more beautiful. I'm sure some awesome person on here will be able to share some links?
Don't mind waiting at all, as long as the content is finally some more involved gameplay and/or mechanics.

In the meantime regular information is always great...
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