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I hope your teams prepared to handle the amount of flak you and the rest of Fdev are probably going to get with the announcement of no Fleet Carriers in Q4. :p

Im okay with Carriers not being Q4 if it means theyll be better when they are added though.
Squadrons will be still in. I really doubt Carriers are that important as some might make them out to be. They are basically ED version of guild housing.
I suspect its down to how the game works (P2P) and how such connectivity is too "fragile" across the player base for it to be a viable. Therefore (rumour control at full volume here) we may be looking at a complete new approach to multi-player provision and a move away from P2P and into the realms of "other games" methods of delivery.
Oh yes please! Dedicated servers or something similar would be awesome, then they have no more excuses about combat loggers!

Thanks Wolvie, I hope you enjoy the next leg of the journey. :)
hear hear :D
When are we going to hear more on open only powerplay? I would like to know if this update will be worth playing now that fleet carriers are gone.
Glad to hear the Lifetime Pass holders will be getting something (though I'm not one), and on the whole, this is positive news for ED. I know a lot of us were starting to worry that the game would continue to play second fiddle to JPE.

I look forward to the exploration update. Just, y'know, please ask Gutamaya to roll out the Imperial Explorer MkII along with it.
Calling it now! Powerplay Extreme with extra Archon!
I would personally love a revamp of powerplay. I don’t take part in it currently because, well I don’t really understand it and it seems to me having an actual affect via power play is a bit inefficient. But I could be missing something as well I understand. Is also like to see the return of player created GalNet, seems it was better able to drive people to visit locations and try to solve things when players were able to submit their findings and theories instead of just vague and very intermittent GalNet from the Devs only. Seems it was a fuller experience when there was more than just an article every couple of days or so.
Curious you have more and less said the next large expansion is some time after Beyond but will there be incremental updates/content added after beyond but before the next large expansion?
I do hope that at a minimum they keep working at improving the core mechanics.
Scroll down for TL/DR version:


Next "Major milestone" (probably atmospherics or space legs - speculation) has moved from pre-production, to full production a little while ago. It will be paid content (an expansion pack essentially) and so LEP holders will get it as part of their LEP.
This is still a massive time away, a considerable time after beyond ends.

Q4 update has changed.
The focus has shifted to add "some significant new gameplay"

Ice planets - Fleet carriers for squadrons both cut from the Q4 release. (re-prioritised, implying they will come at some unspecified point in the future)

No powerplay update either

Their removal means the other elements of the content will get "deeper and richer gameplay mechanics" because of this.

Details of Q4 update will be shared over "the coming weeks"

"Premium content" before the end of 2018, will not be coming.
Instead Lifetime expansion pass holders will get some junk (sorry... erhm...) "a form of free store content going out to them by the end of this year."

Development team is the largest it's been in the last 6 years.


TL/DR summary:

No fleet carriers
No ice planets
No premium content this year.
Powerplay not getting updated.

"Soon" details of Q4 will be shared.
A hell of a long time away there will be some unspecified large expansion pack.
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Zac you said words of comfort mixed in a sea of ​​bad news, no carriers,no new icy planets, no premium contents for this year.
So this Q4 update will be smaller than we expected.
It's great to see elites future!

But to be honest for ps4 commanders the game isn't working properly after beyond update 1.

We can't go to planets more than two commanders.... (It crashes), we have lots of crashes and bugs in wings too.

So we experience a lot of gameplay issues almost a year now...
We repeatedly reported these problems but they are still unsolved.

I'm more than happy to pay for more content but I'm not sure about the quality. I really hope it will be better.
No surprise tbh.

Here again you are claiming that a lot of content and awesome stuff is coming without a tiny bit of info about it.
Adding content won't change the biggest issue of Elite Dangerous : its inch deep gameplay loops and design. Best example are the 3.2 guardian beacon & crusader which provide literally zero new gameplay mechanics.

Good luck to the dev team developping all that awesome stuff that you can't talk about.
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Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to the new content! And, believe it or not, I'm looking forward to the implementation of a sustainable business model and premium content. Partially this is because I want to support game developers whose content I enjoy consuming. But ultimately, I want to see the production stakeholders begin to correlate the cost of supporting and enabling the kind of griefers who take petty glee in ruining new-user (and other-user) experiences via non-consensual PvP/outright-serial-ganking with revenue and profit. That stark reality will nudge Elite Dangerous community development and management in a healthier and more vibrant direction. And THAT will hugely improve player acquisition, retention, and revenues. And that, in turn, funds better/faster content creation teams for all of us players who for some reason DON'T take pleasure in ruining others' experiences.
Chapter 4 wont be content complete for 4 more months.

So you don't know if Fleet Carriers are still free or not, but you do know that you can't comment on them for at least another 4 months?

NOT a rhetorical question, looking for honestly clarity here.

Cause that would infer that Fleet Carriers and Squadrons are at LEAST 8 months off at this point.
This is ridiculous! We waited all year for this content, and now you're saying you don't know when it will even be released! Oh by the way we could have to pay for it? Are you serious? I say false advertising. This is crap. What's the use of the having squadrons if we don't have fleet carriers or the ability to align ourselves with factions. Wow. I may actually put Elite down for good this time.
Squardons is still a major part of the Beyond - Chapter Four update. However, the fleet carriers specifically were prioritized and unfortunately won't be making it into the Chapter Four update. they may well come in the future and that doesn't mean that they will be paid for content.
What do you mean "may well come"? Can't you confirm if Fleet Carriers are still coming? By the way it's one of the road map promises:

- Availability of giant ‘executive control’ ships to players. (Elite Dangerous Newsletter #29)

This sounds like "we're taking out content from Beyond ch.4 and putting it in a future, paid update".

Man, this is disappointing.
Yup and nothing new for Beyond Chapter Four that they didn't announce before.
Zac you said words of comfort mixed in a sea of ​​bad news, no carriers,no new icy planets, no premium contents for this year.
So this Q4 update will be smaller than we expected.

The Chapter Four update still has the same, if not bigger scope and continues to promise the largest update of the Beyond season and a truck load of great features for all Horizons Commanders for free.
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