Important message for Frontier Developments

First of all, a bit of information about me.

1) I love the space, like the Elite when she was in beta stage
2) I play the Elite D game from version 1.0
3) I'm very patient.

So, let's begin! I really hope that you will read my words!

I am disappointed with the development of the game.
The game develops very slowly, and is undergoing major changes in the console.
First, the development has slowed due to Xbox port, then the port due to the MAC and now a port on PS4
As development has slowed due to the creation of other games.
You twice changed the terms(time) of release updates 2.1\2.2\2.3 , And also do not meet the stated promises

Here are a few examples of such promises

Console view from the 3rd person?

Where are the new SRV!? Where multiCrew SRV?

No comments....
Planets are made perfectly!
geysers - trash
Where volcanism? Volcanic planet?

Examples very much....Promises are very different from the release

Please! David Braben , go back to the development of elite! Tell us the truth, the project is dead?
When can we expect new objects in space.
3D map, mining on the planet, and all that you promised us?

P.S Worried for the development of elite..... Making 5 months a view of 3 persons for a space simulator. OMG :eek:[down]
P.S.S I liked the character editor.
P.S.S.S You promised to remake PP and CQC
Well you can say "where where where ?" for a lot of things.

The game is far from being finished yet, come back in a couple years ^^
Concept art made years before not quiite looking like what actually appears in a game? Who would have predicited it?
Thought you were going to say David left the cooker on or something! :D

As for the OP - Tell me the last time you purchased a burger that looked like the one on the menu? :D
Good gods, we have a huge beta incoming a TWO WEEKS! Let's wait for the change log before setting our collective hair on fire! Really...
Well maybe in your view. Other people will openly say that the beta has very little actual content. A PLayer creator that looks nice, will be used for 5 mins to an hour in most cases. Multi crew with no multi crew content or missions so its back to those old boring RES Sites and Combat Zones if you want to use the feature. Isn't that about it? Not huge or massive from where I sit.
You say you are patient, but your thread seems to indicate not.

Be careful of anger... Anger is the path to the dark side of the forums :)
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