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Honestly, you should consider store credit in these things at some point, so people can choose a decal/paint job they'll actually use!

Sounds like a good idea, and the added bonus for Frontier is it gets folks in their shop.
you might wanna do it on https ..... as this is coming up as not secure .... you dont wanna make players think that this is a simple scam to gain players login details after all ...... wake up frontier you should know better :)
Not to sound ungrateful for free stuff but 'Sign up now for a paint-job in 6-9 months'?

Wait, I've seen this somewhere before......

It really sounded suspect when I got an email with "Important information about your subscription" and it was legit, the logo for ED had also changed and the domain also looked dodgy. At least redirect the mail http to the Elite Dangerous main website, it would alleviate a lot of confusion.

Will Flanagan works for FDev.

That's true, but is the person who made the post Will Flanagan? (ie has someone stolen his password?) That's why it's important that the site where we enter our Personally Identifiable Information be protected with a TLS certificate. That guarantees (as much as is possible) that the website we're entering our PII into does belong to FDev even if Will had his credentials nicked.
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Hi , i am very concerned about this. If a bank was to contact you in same manner you would be reporting it. Has there been a massive security breach at frontier? Or is it just plain careless ness. There is no option on your dashboard or notification to do this so why should this be done? No explanations etc. As someone pointed out its not to a secure site. Anyone else concerned? Can we get more confirmation from other frontier mods? [where is it]
I don't understand what people are on about? The form only asks for an email address, when has it ever been a problem to send an actual email address in plain-text... ?

You're doing it all the time. When you use email every single day all the header information is sent in plain-text like recipient address and your address, so this isn't any less secure than your daily use of email...
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Greetings commanders,

We understand that completing an email sign up form isn’t quite as exciting as being hyperdicted by a Thargoid Medusa or completing that final run to rank up that extra tier in a Community Goal,


I see Will hasnt done many CG's, as siging up for an email does seem more exciting. :p

Alas FD mail got sent to spam somtime back so no need for me to resub for somthing I wasnt useing anyway, unless of course this has any impact on me being able to log in here or the game.


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PC only? How about PS4 commanders?

Where does it say that, is it PC only Will? Console commanders need not apply? Do your accounts need to be linked with the email subscribed from or is it generic as my PC and PS4 are both registered to the same email address for my Frontier account.
I signed up two times

Once time through the forum and once time by the mail that I received last night

I will receive twice the decal and the paintjob ? :p
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