Important: Update 1.5 coming soon!

Is it weird how everyone is excited for the update yet there is me that is pleased about the hearding merchanic's but all I really want is Acrocanthosaurus, carcharodontosaurus and other amazing dinosaurs added? I'm guessing that will be the paid content part as I can't think of anything else worth buying. Not cash, coins.... oooo Unless it's a building pack for the original buildings and decor of Jurassic Park hmmm :D :D :D
Herding yeaaahh

So excited about the herding mechanism !
This is unfortunately what made me stop playing the game ... So happy to go back to it :)
I’m so excited for this. Finally day/night and sleeping dinosaurs. Also more capacity feeders is great, the large herbivore and the meat feeders are always running out too fast. Very interested in learning about the dlc and hope it’s not all dinosaurs
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If we achieved 5 stars on a previous run then restart the story mode, will we still be able to toggle on the day/night cycle?
This sounds great and I can't wait to see the new update. I got the email about this update this morning. I really like the addition of new Dinosaur behaviors, especially the sleeping. It sounds very good. Herd leaders sounds amazing.

A lot of people asked for this. Hopefully it will make a lot of people.

I knew Frontier wouldn't let the fans down. It's a shame some people had less faith.

I hope some of that content in the new paid DLC is some JP themed game buildings. :)

I can't wait to see what else you guys do with this great game.
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Well, if there are decorations and new buildings in the paid content I might just play again. The free update is just stuff that should have been there from the beginning, so I'm glad they aren't charging. I'd like to see more simulator and less game. You can't do both well.
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