COMPLETED CG Imports for Year's End Festivities (Rares/Trade)

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In former times pilots were doing tea-bagging (small ships loading big ships in front of the station). Memories....

The teabaggers still exist ... it is just that most people don't stop anymore because of a few free million credits - just not worth the time :)
Is 16 the transaction limit or total limit on Eranin Pearl Whiskey?
If 16 is the transaction limit and not the total limit, what is the current total limit?
I admit...I self destructed back to the bubble from Omega Mining Operation to contribute to this CG. I want that Cobra paint job pretty bad.
Using a ship when you have better ones just for sporting a paintjob? Is this some kind of First World reasoning like the one behind wearing tattoos or drinking overpriced coffee with a hipster beard? ;)
It's more "nostalgia" for me - I haven't used my Cobra this much in a couple years at least, having a blast with it to be honest. Plus, it IS the ship we're getting the paintjob for, so might as well earn it ;)
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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