Improvement ideas

Hello all!

After scrolling through the FB page and reddit, I really think that the majority of the players hate the endless grind and boardhopping in order to get the things done. I also understand the logic behind it - give the people something to do, so they don't get bored and leave!

Now, I have a couple of ideas, and I'd like from this community, and also the FDev team, to express their feelings about them:


Complete overhaul. Instead of having people chase for materials, goods and whatnot, simply add the option to get all for credits - like IRL. There will sill be grinding, but that would be credit earning, and people would still do all kinds of things to earn it. Prevent it being too easy by putting very high prices on engineer services, rare materials and all those things we all need. Also, leave the option for someone who doesn't feel like spending millions of hard-earned credits to gather the mats themselves. That way, it will be easier and more fun for everyone, and I'll give an example: I've unlocked the Gauss cannon..after 3 days of grinding. It was simply too boring to go around and repeat the same things over and over again so I could get the required mats. I wanted to unlock most of the new weapons, but eh, I just don't have the time or will to do it.


The first without the latter simply wouldn't mean much. Yeah, we'll experience different types of flying, great new sites, maybe even the beasts - and that will hold for how long? But, if there would be a possibility to take a walk around (the station, planets, ships), it would bring a totally new side of the game! It requires a lot of work, but I reckon it would pay off, for everyone (and please, don't start with "go play Star Citizen", it looks nice but I like ED better).


Instead of having it all the same, make some difference, at least so we can customize the look, size and position of the HUD - the best would be to have it embedded into the ship, or at least that would seem better to me.


The grind changed proposed above would make this a lot easier - we could trade! We could pay someone to take us to, for example, Colonia. Then pay for the ship to arrive, if one doesn't like travelling that much. Put a price on someone's head. Actually board someone's ship to become a part of their crew, or to take over their ship - you'd be chased by the police in all systems; the one who hijacked the ship would have to pay the fine and rebuy once the ship gets destroyed, and the rightful owner would have it back after that happens; landing would be possible only in anarchy systems.

Most of these ideas were brought up multiple times, I'm sure of it, I just wanted to share my thoughts and see what you guys think, and I'd also like to hear/read your ideas about the game improvements!

Cheers, fly safe CMDRs o7
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