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The current tranqing mechanic is... fine, but also raises some questions and annoyances.

The biggest, most important addition to this mechanic, i think, would be to make the dinos capable of waking up on their own after a certain time has passed. To mitigate possible irritation, you should give them a fairly long time, but not unlimited as it is now. They are honestly put into a coma, which is a, a bit jarring, and b, removes the urgency of having to deal with that dino's relocation.

The smaller tweak to this i would suggest is that instead of having animals run at full speeds but with tails and heads drooping, which looks like some sort of hilarious pre-historic stroke victim, you instead make the animal slow down the more tranquilized it becomes. When the meter fills, why not just use the existing sleep animations to have it rest down? The ragdoll is okay, but it does look quite silly and sometimes leave the dinos in absolutely... hilarious positions. Like a struthiomimus with it's head buried in the ground and it's butt raised sky high.
i've always wondered why the ranger teams couldn't just wake up the dinosaurs. Before bad storms, I always put down my raptors before they try and break out and i always thought it was dumb that we had to lift them back up and down to wake them back up...
I actually thought a lot of these and had several suggestions scathered around here, so here are my 2 cents:

First, give rangers the ability to tranq dinos and to awake them.
Second, allow dinosaur land-transport.
Third, implement research on different tranq substsnces and dosages so they can be supplied to both ACU and Rangers.
Four, tailor a chance of dinosaur awaking or, more precisely, a timer: the fierer a dino is, the sooner she will wake up; the higher her metabolism, the sooner she wakes up, etc

This way, a whole new interesting gameplay will ensue: right now, you ought to tranq and relax just enough to move the animal in order to wake her up before she starves to death. That's uninmersive and unrealistic.

With the system proposed, you may tranq animals just like you can now but you'll need to be much more careful to secure them quickly and also have the added thrill and danger or them waking up early and destroying your transport team.

Should the system were to be further refined, add another level of research to allow paleovets (not regular ones since they are likely implied to be part of animal management at alm times) to be hired for ranger and transport teams. This way, tranq meassures can be better stimated and provide a further control of the sedating time, warning before another dosage is needed to avoid the animal to wake amidst your guest-filled roads on her way home :)
But it’s so funny when the Dino’s just drop on the floor like there running then just whooop there on the floor.
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But it’s so funny when the Dino’s just drop on the floor like there running them just whooop there on the floor.
Yeah, that's another point of uninmersiveness that also has canon to draw inspiration from.

I proposed an oversimplified tranq system above but, ideally, each dosage/substance should interact with each animal in a different way, causing either regular sedation, sedation followed by coma (thus with subsequent need of veterinary treatment) or death.

Also, each species should have their own animation for sedation: not all animals react the same way to tranqs and it is even explicitly stated in the books that stegosauruses at least stop running ans became still on the spot while tranqd, without either falling nor laying down.
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