Improvements for the VR player? (on screen keyboard etc.)


I have just returned to the game after 2 years (hit the wall in the early game).

my setup is the HTC Vive Pro & the Warthog HOTAS helped along with an i7, 1080 gfx, 16GB ram

I have had no issues with lag or image quality, that is sufficient and not bad compared to my 4K monitor.

I am for all intent and purpose a newbie, so the following may just be down to bad configuration on my side.

I am generally OK when flying apart from selecting Fire options (should be button 5 and 3 on my flight stick to select the next/previous), is there something I need to select first (apart from enabling the hardpoints)?

When docked in a station and for the star map it would be nice to use the mouse instead for the UI, is it possible to enable the mouse for this in VR without interfering with flight?

For the few places where you need to type, example searching on the star map could we please have an onscreen keyboard option as removing a VR headset for this is bad for 3 reasons, first the removal, second you can't see what you type on the screen, third my keyboard does not fit between the Warthog controllers... (basically its a bit of a pain and it makes you fell handicapped to do things quickly).

It took me a little while and some google/forum searching to find out how to reset the headlock, not sure why such an important setting does not have a default key assigned to it?

The many options under Controls could really do with some help/popup text or graphics for each option to better explain what they actually do.

saying all that I spend 6 hours straight Saturday flying my type 6 around... its good to be back!
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