General Gameplay Improvements to Sandbox Mode.

As you know, in the 1.10 update we got sandbox on every island. While it's great, it needs a few more things to improve it. I suggest:

  • InGen Database
  • Being able to access the expedition map (I know its unneeded, but I would like to see the different dig sites.)
  • Every Ranger skin being unlocked by default.
  • (Controversial) All challenge mode skins being unlocked by default.
What do you think? What could help improve sandbox mode?
Using different shades of colors for all the terrain tools. Trees could be different shades of green, lighter, darker. Same with rocks, sand, ect. Water could be different shades of blue. Rocks could be brown, gray, even light gray, almost near white. And I really like your suggestions.
I would like to see a guest segment for sandbox. So we could decide if it will be standard guests, scientists, security personnel, some or all.
Also a gauge to adjust visible guests population, so that we could reduce guest count like in the sanctuary map for a smoother game experience or have it high like Nublar map for a park filled to the brim with traffic.
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