Improving Animal Interactions For Social Species.

Hey everyone,

I noticed that in Planet Zoo, animals that can be housed with other species just walk around randomly and mix together. This isn't very realistic. For example, in the wild, giraffes stick together in their own group, and rhinos, zebra, springbok and buffalo do the same.

I observed these behaviors firsthand on a trip to South Africa earlier this year. Here are some ideas to improve this:

  1. Species-Specific Grouping:
    • Animals of the same species should naturally group together. For example, giraffes should hang out with other giraffes, and rhinos should stay with rhinos (only for the animals this applies to).
  2. Inter-Species Interaction:
    • Animals should have more realistic interactions with other species, like being curious, indifferent, or avoiding them rather than just mixing all the time.
  3. Group Movement:
    • Groups of the same species should move together more often, whether they're eating, drinking, or exploring.
  4. Territory:
    • Animals should establish territories within shared habitats.
I think these changes would make the game more realistic and fun. What do you all think?
I think the territory thing might be a little hard to implement into the game without making it uber annoying in franchise an co.
The herding thing i definetly agree on, always looks weird when you have a big enclosure with zebra for example and they are spread all over instead of hanging around together
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