Improving Coaster Details

Now I’m a Planco junky. Want to start with that so as to not seem negative. With that in mind, I find it difficult to make coasters look and function in a realistic capacity. Here are a few things I would like to see added or corrected to coasters to make them more realistic.

1) Peeps:
- more screaming during rides would be great. I spend my time building a coaster and they sit there. Occasional “Shias” and “hahas” aren’t very satisfying. They don’t yell and scream during launches or inversions. Only when there are a lot of neg/pos g’s.
- would be nice to see peeps hold their hands up during the ride. Not just during negative g’s but through the whole ride.
- get rid of that slouchy thing they do if they’re on a break run.

2) Coaster utilities and details:
- the new hold on launch sections is nice, but in the case of Copperhead Strike for instance, the final break run has a launch hold as the safety break. It is wholly unrealistic that the train would then launch to 20 mph minimum. I’ve tried replacing it with a block brake to run 3 trains like the real ride but alas, even though the game says I can technically put a block brake there, it won’t allow it. I also hate that when you set it to hold for 0 seconds, it still stops. Please at least set it so that it doesn’t have to stop if set to zero and lower the launch speed so that it can operate realistically.
- must block breaks have drive tires if they’re not realistic to the ride your building? Please allow us to decide if we want wheels, or brakes or both. While on block brakes, can they also just be set to s a speed and stick with it. I find 9mph a little high for most of my coasters when moving through break runs and the whole looking like it’s launching into a stop is odd to me.
- realistic break downs. I miss the days of RTC when the ride broke down and you would see a reason. With that in mind, implementing various break downs and how guests react to them would be nice. Varying the time required to fix said mechanical issue and whether guests stay in line or not.
- transfer tracks!!! If the breakdown is train related having the option to transfer off that train to be fixed and transferring back when it’s done without having everyone get out of line would be nice.

3) Coaster ratings:
- adjusting the Coaster rating system to account for inversions. The B&M invert is one of the most intense coasters out there. Not particularly known for having a lot of air time but quick transitions and inversions. However, when you build one of these in game it has one of the lowest excitement ratings in the game. As soon as I open other rides in the park no one is interested in it anymore and it ends up running virtually empty.

I’m aware that some of these items may be more difficult to implement than others but some of them should be fairly simple (not a software engineer so I don’t actually know). I know it would make the game more satisfying for me and add a new level of interest for me.
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