In game trade record broken... 79,624,800 in one sale. ForTheMug

3 weeks ago, Hutton took delivery of a NEW batch of real Hutton Mugs to be awarded to the galaxy's nuttiest pilots. Only those achieving the greatest deeds in the galaxy can earn one of these. We have given 250 away already over the last 2 years and the new batch promises to encourage even more galactic shenanigans.

CMDR FTM Mustang, part of team HOTBOX (our Xbox wing) and a crew of motley Truckers decided they didn't yet own a Hutton Mug and the best way they saw to get one was to break the in game trade record.

This was previously held by a fellow trucker and sat at 72.6 million via selling harvested meta alloys (in the days before you could buy them)

Sadly, prices dropped so the only way they could see to breaking the record was to sell 300 tonnes of Thargoid Sensors to somewhere. There were two problems with that. The first is that the sensors, formerly known as UA eat your ship. The second is that the poor station was likely to be brought offline by the sale.

The team sprang into action and devised a plan not only to achieve it, but then instantly repair the station with meta alloys.

3 weeks later.... after some hair raising gaming, the hit the magic number and made their sale.


Congratulations to the team. It nearly broke them. At 52 tonnes he was stable, at 120 things were going badly wrong, the coffee machine was on the blink and the toilets wouldn't flush without flooding everything. At 200 the flappy lever that makes the seat go up and down snapped off....

The commander himself will be along in a bit to say hi but for the time being, he nd his team are rapidly repairing the poor station they had to use.
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Congrats. The profit can now be used for a brand new zero g toilet. You'll never have to flush again ;)
We have 3 new kinds.
The original Hutton Mug
A Fort Mug Mug with a new design
A Hutton Orbital Radio Mug for contributors for the radio station.

There are currently 2 other events for people to win a mug. An SRV race this evening and a plan to build our own Thargoid ship from salvaged parts....
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