In-Game Video Recorder? (as in RCT3)

Howdy All -- Sorry if this has already been covered, I didn't find it when I searched.

My question: will Planet Coaster have an in-game video recording capability, the way that RCT3 did?

Ideally a free-form editor like the old "Flying Camera Route Editor", but even just a record-the-ride video capture would be great. I don't mind if it takes a while to process so long as the results are excellent, the way they were in RCT3.

I had a lot of fun creating little vids before, and hopefully this latest edition will be able to be used the same way!
i read something about this earlier now i just cant find the post, if i find it again i'l link it unless someone else dose before me. Might not be exactly what you are asking about however.
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Wow! Are you Klinn as in "Electroshock" set?

As for the video recorder, I can't over emphasize how important it is. If is wasn't for the beautiful videos of RCT3 we all watched years ago, I doubt the amazing, richly talented community would have grown and flourished and continues nearly 14 years later. It's watching the videos that wowed us that inspired the friendly competition to make the most beautiful parks and rides, which inspired the Custom Content designers to out-do the other creators, which gave people the tools to produce ever more impressive creations. Watching them was half of the fun and has kept me lurking around Shyguy's World for so many years. The video recorder has gone a long way to keep us all interested as far as I can see.
Sorry Palaber, I didn't find your thread when I searched the forum. But anyway, I added a comment to it explaining how an in-game recorder can go beyond the limits of the basic third-party video capture utility. Hopefully Frontier will consider it.

Edit: Hi Nemmie, yup, I'm the same Klinn that made vids & CC for RCT3 so many years ago. Geez, it's been a long time! I hope Planet Coaster will give me an excuse to jump back into this world.
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Me too buddy. I sound like a fan-boi but if it wasn't for the CS pioneers like yourself, I don't think we'd be here today with The themepark genre being so current. So thanks.
Aw, you're going to make me blush. [big grin]

To me, the real wizard was JonWil, who decoded file formats and wrote the first CC importer for RCT3. I was just lucky enough to be around his tools became available and we could start experimenting with CC. There was an epic thread in the old Atari RCT3 forum where a number of us who were struggling to get things into the game shared our latest discoveries and hints. I think that thread ended up over 80 pages long before Frontier/Atari made a separate section in the forum for CC and such.
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It was a very exciting time.
JonWil was some kind of savant as far as I'm concerned. To go in with no prior knowledge of the game engine and the decipher what, to us mere mortals, is nothing but gobbledygook is just plain un-natural. He would have been burned at the stake in the olden days :)
OMG You are Klinn!! The one who created the Electroshock and taught me how to use Flying camera! You are back!
This game really need an in-game recorder and Flying camera as you said. Thats why I am here.
RCT3 in-game recorder records video process is slow but the result video is perfect! Unlike Fraps and Dxtory, they are laggy unless you get a good pc
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Heh, I'm sorta back. [happy] Been playing more Civilization 6 recently than Planet Coaster but I'm sure that will change.

Besides quality, the other great thing about RCT3's in-game recorder was how you could set up the camera routes and get nice smooth movement through your park. Sure beats trying to use the cursor keys while recording with Fraps.
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