In need of sheep!

Hello everbody!

I'm Kiki McCloud and I played PC for a couple of month now.
My Sandbox-park "Highland Park" is growing and I allready used a LOT of stuff from the workshop and from the Toolmaker-kit.
My Park is (somewhat) Scotland-Themend, but there are no sheep around!
I used a lot of the totally amazing creatures from MsRedNebula, love teh sizes, love the animations, and stuff, so...
Can enybody MAYBE make some sheep that fits this animals? Maybe with some small animations, like eating (head down) or looking around?
And maybe alos a lying one? That would be sooooo great and would realy make my Park... Scottisher! ;-)

Thanks for know and: Keep up the amazing work!

(PS.: Highland cattle would be A-MA-ZING, too (Cause I LOVE them!!!), But I think they are to much to ask for...)
I don't think i can make animals any good, but this is another example of why Planet Zoo should have been a full-price-DLC to Planet Coaster....It would have been amazing to combine the two..
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