Roller Coasters In relation to the falcon coaster variant...

Hey Frontier, Hey Community

I just saw the Black Falcon coaster variant on Facebook and wondered if You were interested in a variant of the B&M Wing Coaster I made.

Original Size

complete with Color-, Normal- and Specular maps, rig, animations. Interested?

(If not I'll just implement it as UGC later if possible).

The best wishes from Hamburg, Germany,
polycount ?
More than the native models but something average machines are easily able to handle since you don't have many copies of the model rendered at the same time. I didn't make LODs yet but they would reduce the poly count to about 5000 at 5m distance and to 1000 at most at about 20m. I estimate the additional work time to be about 30h at least in order to make the LODs - Something I currently can't afford. In November I will be able to catch up on this.

As a reference: The RCT3 render engine was able to render 32767 faces per object and at least 16 textures at 2k resolution without lagging while not utilising full CPU and GPU power. While Planet Coaster has a far more advanced and challenging render engine and needs 2 additional textures per object (Normal and Specular maps) it is able to use the full potential of modern GPUs and works far more efficient than the old RCT3 render engine.

But still, this probably is the upper edge of things comfortable to render.

I think you would have to delete the "Heide Park" Text
Well I didn't ask Merlin to allow me to use the "Heide Park" and "Flug der Dämonen" trademarks, so if I would want to release this as UGC I would probably be better advised to remove them even though it's actually not illegal to use the Logos without permission in this context.
Once I made a Desert Race CTR for RCT3 and asked Merlin for permission to use the "Desert Race" and "Heide Park" trademarks. They approved of it. If I was to release this, I'd ask again and I'm positive they would give me the permission again since things like this are awesome publicity ;D

Thank you all for the great feedback!

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Yea that is how the Wing Coasters should be in Planet Coaster the Wing Coaster in PC with the Chain Lift is Unrealistic the chassis of the Coaster is wrong it needs to be like that one, the Launch Wing Coaster is right but not the one with a Chain Lift
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