In Search Of Gwydion - Core Region Expedition 3307


[FCOC #131-blodeuwedd’s-branch_junagu-jhz-6tz] will be heading to SagA* and Explorers Anchorage, but taking a curved route up and across the Sagittarius-Carina Arm and the Scutum-Centaurus Arm taking in the Circinus Transit and parts of the Norma Expanse and Arcadian Stream before heading into the Core regions somewhere near the Teal Nebula.
CMDRs are invited to apply.
This expedition is headed by members of The Silverbacks [SVBK] squadron.

  • Reach the Core Regions.
  • Collect biological samples.
  • Search for POIs in the Circinus Transit.
  • Review the systems and boundaries discovered as part of the Drymon Survey of the The Aronnax Expedition 3303.
  • Search for POIs traversing the galactic arms between the Drymon Ridge and the Gallipolis.
  • Survey the peripheries of the Teal Nebula and visit the Guardian ruins.
  • Deliver supplies to DSSA FCs and Explorer's Anchorage.

Departure: 3rd February
Duration: approx. 3 months
Expedition on EDSM
Contact CMDR Junagu on Inara
Join the Blodeuwedd's Branch Discord server
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Part of the Fleet:
"Light Of The North"


Small enough even to fit into an Anaconda, Sidewinders make a nimble addition to a fleet carrier contingent for small tasks and scout missions. An unusual ship to be seen outside inhabited space unless as part of a convoy, still has a remarkable resilience and enviable mobility. This particular vessel has travelled extensively in the Outer Arm, between Kepler's Crest and the Sanguineous Rim.
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Part of the Fleet:


A rudementary mining build on the Python; a popular choice and with much to recommend it. Long range expeditions require less policing, so single purpose vessels can be turned out very cost effectively.
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Part of the Fleet:


Fleets of any sizeable quantity are wont to enlist their own support vessels. This example is based on the Asp Explorer chasis, with no offensive armament, an enlarged fuel tank and medium jump range; topped off with distinctive livery.
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Part of the Fleet:
"In Sleep She Sang To Me"


Some of the ships in the fleet have traversed many hundreds of thousands of light years. This Krait Phantom is engineered to fully exploit the range of this ship design.
A well built vessel fully equipped for the travails ahead.
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Part of the Fleet:
"Rosco Turner"


Asp Explorer's are still staples of any far reaching concern. This vessel has plenty of room for all the equipment necessary for detailed and intricate study on planet surfaces and lots of backup in power and cargo capacity.
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Part of the Fleet:
"Y Ddraig Goch"


There are many fantastic vessels in the fleet that are fine examples from different era's. Without all of the customisation these vessels maintain a particular elegance and are still perfectly capable of long range surveying and providing independent base of operations.
Part of the Fleet:
"FS Observation Deck"


The quintessential explorers mainstay and vanguard of many of the foundational missions beyond the Orion Spur, the Asp Explorer still delivers the goods; this particular example, in understated livery, racks up another ELW for Universal Cartographics in the Circinus Transit.
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---excerpt from Captain's Log; Blodeuwedd's Branch---

A brief pause around twin water worlds, in AA-A H64 6 F, and then on to Eol Pruae VQ-T D4-22 - a similar bright navigational beacon as the Circinus Pulsar - marks the last the stage of the Circinus Transit.



Several CMDRs have already reached the base camp at the edge of the Restricted Zone, whilst the rest of the fleet are not far behind, except for some stragglers, who are just reaching the Circinus Transit.
We're a little ahead of schedule.
Plenty to do here, though. Mapping the perimeter of the restricted zone is a mammoth task, and one that we'll likely make a small dent in at best. Nevertheless, I'm sure that we can do valuable work here, and depending on what we find, could maybe unearth a thread of a bigger story.
---excerpt from Captain's Log; Blodeuwedd's Branch---

Blodeuwedd's Branch in Phrautch ZZ-W d2-6 - one of the many waypoints being mapped out around the Dryman Exclusion Zone.


We've completed the upper waypoints and markers for the cardinal axis above the galactic plane.
Found plenty of ammonia and water worlds all around the perimeter and two Earth like worlds.
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The expedition will shortly be departing the Dryman Exclusion Zone. The perimeter has been marked out for those whom may follow.

Main cardinal axis:
Upper: Dryaea Free JB-X e1-3 (19,050 : 529 : 21,140)
Lower: Phrautch ZI-R b22-0 [ old: Phrautch TC-T B21-1 (19,050 : -485 : 21,170) ]
Northern: Dryaea Free QQ-T B44-6 (19,060 : 0 : 21,670)
Southern: Ooscs Free XO-Z d13-62 [ old: Ooscs Free PS-W B56-6 (19,050 : -3 : 20,650) ]
Western: Dryaea Free KQ-G C10-1 (18,590 : -6 : 21,150)
Eastern: Dryu Aub DQ-G C10-4 (19,620 : -7 : 21,180)

waypoints between cardinal axis:
UpperSouthern: Dryaea Free PB-V b4-1 (+Trit) [old: Dryaea Free RU-Z C5]
UpperNorthern: Dryaea Free VD-J D9-30
UpperEastern: Dryu Aub OL-P B21-0
UpperWestern: Dryaea Free WY-R d4-0
NW-U : Dryaea Free IW-M d7-18
NE-U : Dryu Aub OA-U c17-1
SW-U : Dryaea Free WM-U C3-8
SE-U : Dryu Aub IS-Q B6-0

NorthEastern: Dryu Aub CK-C B40-6
SouthEastern: Dryu Aub BJ-T b3-1
SouthWestern: Dryaea Free GF-T b3-10
NorthWestern: Dryaea Free YJ-I d9-113

LowerSouthern: Phrautch OE-A b5-2
LowerNorthern: Phrautch YW-O b38-0
LowerEastern: Phrausks NJ-U b21-1
LowerWestern: Phrautch NP-U b21-1
NW-L : Phrautch WZ-N d7-20 (3 THMC, 2 WW)
NE-L : Phrausks OK-M d8-6 (ELW)
SW-L : Phrautch ZZ-W d2-6
SE-L : Phrausks OO-Y d1-19

Center Candidates: Drymon AD-L B24-0


Blodeuwedd's Branch at the Lower cardinal waypoint : Phrautch ZI-R b22-0, with the Brown Dwarf Layer in the background, towards the Upper WP : Dryaea Free JB-X e1-3.

2nd leg and the journey towards WP8 of the expedition commencing within 24hrs.
Part of the Fleet:


Though certainly not a popular choice for deep space exploration the Keelback actually provides ample space for all the necessary systems, an enjoyable ride and, in this particular case, no small amount of style; the CMDR delivering an impressive list of discoveries and catalogues to the fleets UC offices proving that it's not all just for show.
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Part of the Fleet:
"Cautator De Adevar"


The unmistakable hulk of an Anaconda in orbit around a water-world. This example has a somewhat modified hull, streamlining the classic Faulcon De Lacy chassis and with a very obvious "ice breaker" ram on the nose. Well known for their prowess in jump-range the Anaconda is almost synonymous with long distance expeditions and this CMDR has taken full advantage of its capabilities.
---excerpt from Captain's Log; Blodeuwedd's Branch---


The final leg into the Core Regions.

We made it pretty fast. One short stop at Dumbooe VF-T c18-138 after the Teal Nebula for refuelling and then on to Explorer's Anchorage.
The members of the fleet that were not on the carriers have been steadily arriving and now almost everyone has completed the journey to the center. The last couple of waypoints were one last exercise in travelling a thousand light years or so off the plane in either direction. Some fantastic image data to add to the records. The gallery in Blodeuwedd's Branch is replete with first class exploration footage.

And so...Explorer's Anchorage! Now a busy port with fleet carriers from far and wide congregating and stopping to rest, offload supplies, plan their next journeys. I think it's the first time here for many of the expedition's CMDRs.

Just for old times sake I took Mine Botallack Crown, the Python that I used for Distant Worlds 2, back to the station it helped to build to deliver lots of goodies. I very seldom have to use the black market contacts but seeing as I am in good standing here I managed to offload some of the Rares stored in Blodeuwedd's Branch. They were very grateful. On the standard market they also soaked up a fair tonnage of OH, Tranquil Tea and other sundries. Someone has to do it. And I dare say the folks out here will appreciate a bit of light entertainment whilst they continue to watch the galaxy spin around them. Maybe help to put it all in perspective.

Some of the fleet have expressed their intention to stick with Blodeuwedd's Branch, some will undoubtedly take the next vessel going home. I'll admit I'm somewhat exhausted and just feel like checking out for a while. Some of us are taking it easy on Blodeuwedd's, enjoying the view and the peace whilst also being close to some element of civilisation. Maps are being perused and, myself, I'm trying to collate some of the data that we've been accumulating getting here.
Part of the Fleet:


Another take on the Anaconda, this example sacrificing some jump-range for the luxury of auxiliary vessels and a full complement of SRVs and with distinctive chassis and livery to boot. These huge vessels can carry all the trimmings, including research limpets, which this vessel is using in the midst of a la grange cloud, collecting samples for the expeditions research department.
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