In Search Of Gwydion - Core Region Expedition 3307


[FCOC #131-blodeuwedd’s-branch_junagu-jhz-6tz] will be heading to SagA* and Explorers Anchorage, but taking a curved route up and across the Sagittarius-Carina Arm and the Scutum-Centaurus Arm taking in the Circinus Transit and parts of the Norma Expanse and Arcadian Stream before heading into the Core regions somewhere near the Teal Nebula.
CMDRs are invited to apply.
This expedition is headed by members of The Silverbacks [SVBK] squadron.

  • Reach the Core Regions.
  • Collect biological samples.
  • Search for POIs in the Circinus Transit.
  • Review the systems and boundaries discovered as part of the Drymon Survey of the The Aronnax Expedition 3303.
  • Search for POIs traversing the galactic arms between the Drymon Ridge and the Gallipolis.
  • Survey the peripheries of the Teal Nebula and visit the Guardian ruins.
  • Deliver supplies to DSSA FCs and Explorer's Anchorage.

Departure: 3rd February
Duration: approx. 3 months
Expedition on EDSM
Contact CMDR Junagu on Inara
Join the Blodeuwedd's Branch Discord server
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Part of the Fleet:
"Light Of The North"


Small enough even to fit into an Anaconda, Sidewinders make a nimble addition to a fleet carrier contingent for small tasks and scout missions. An unusual ship to be seen outside inhabited space unless as part of a convoy, still has a remarkable resilience and enviable mobility. This particular vessel has travelled extensively in the Outer Arm, between Kepler's Crest and the Sanguineous Rim.
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A rudementary mining build on the Python; a popular choice and with much to recommend it. Long range expeditions require less policing, so single purpose vessels can be turned out very cost effectively.
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Fleets of any sizeable quantity are wont to enlist their own support vessels. This example is based on the Asp Explorer chasis, with no offensive armament, an enlarged fuel tank and medium jump range; topped off with distinctive livery.
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Part of the Fleet:
"In Sleep She Sang To Me"


Some of the ships in the fleet have traversed many hundreds of thousands of light years. This Krait Phantom is engineered to fully exploit the range of this ship design.
A well built vessel fully equipped for the travails ahead.
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Part of the Fleet:
"Rosco Turner"


Asp Explorer's are still staples of any far reaching concern. This vessel has plenty of room for all the equipment necessary for detailed and intricate study on planet surfaces and lots of backup in power and cargo capacity.
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Part of the Fleet:
"Y Ddraig Goch"


There are many fantastic vessels in the fleet that are fine examples from different era's. Without all of the customisation these vessels maintain a particular elegance and are still perfectly capable of long range surveying and providing independent base of operations.
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