In Search Of Gwydion - Core Region Expedition 3307

Part of the Fleet:
"Stoke Me A Kipper"


The striking and elegant lines of an Imperial Clipper parked planetside near the Circinus Pulsar as part of a scouting party. For those wanting to travel in comfort and style the Clipper amply fits the bill and with modern engineering and Guardian tech modifications reaches a modest jump-range that allows it to range far and wide. Rare for exploration vessels, this ship retains a full compliment of hardpoints and utility slots, indicating that it has likely been repurposed from its usual functions in civilised space.
Part of the Fleet:
"Skooma Smuggler"


Still a firm favourite with those CMDRs spending any time out in the Black the Diamondback Explorer gets to the places other ships fail to reach, with many vessels of this type racking up hundreds of thousands of light years in their flight logs and being responsible for many of the famous galactic discoveries. This example bears all the hallmarks of a seasoned explorer yet the CMDR has refrained from trimming all the fat and unusually equips a cargo hold capable of carrying toxic alien artifacts, indicating their readiness for those unusual encounters.
Part of the Fleet:
"Tfs Quantum Harmonic"


The advent of Fleet Carriers has brought in an entirely new era to exploration and long distance fleets. This Nautilus class carrier carries many outfitting supplies as a supplement to the fleet's roster of vessels and is home to many of the CMDRs on the long journey to the Core Regions, allowing submission of cartographic data, providing repairs and so on. The flexibility engendered by what is in effect a mobile station is invaluable for the latest expeditions, now ranging in ever greater numbers throughout the galaxy.
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