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Inaccurate collision when selecting scenery pieces


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

The clickable hitbox for scenery pieces tends to be too large for most concave objects in the game.
For example, the "Castle Window - Paned Triple Arch" can be selected by clicking anywhere inside of its cubic volume.

To demonstrate the issue please see this image:
One would expect the areas marked with blue to be clear from selecting the window piece. Unfortunately, it is impossible to select the wall behind it when clicking within those areas.

The Brownstone Eaves are another great example of this, even though their large size the hitboxes are very imprecise. This is the case for almost all concave items. One would expect the hitboxes when selecting scenery to be equal to the visuals.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Place a wall piece
2. Place the Castle Window - Paned Triple Arch piece on the wall
3. Attempt to select the wall piece
While I can't speak with certainty, never having decoded a PC game object, I can say that hitboxes are pretty much always rectangular prisms based on the maximum length/width/depth dimensions of the 3D part and there's no way around that for most game engines.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hey oli414,

Thanks for the report.

Like how Bullethead said above, this is a technical limitation and is working as expected.