INARA and XBOX CMDR profile update...

...besides I am getting some update errors, there are some MORE THAN WELCOME changes!

It seems that now I have all MATERIALS downloaded as well as the STORED MODULES and the ALL MODULES SCREEN as well!!!

The game update 3.4 is going out today and there is also a related Inara update. It's a quite short list, but one of the features there is a stepping stone for another stuff in the near future...

  • Major improvements of Import Frontier Data feature - it's now possible to import game journals online, directly from Frontier's servers, so you don't need to upload them manually. And yes, it works for console players as well. Flight logs, mission logs, reputation states, materials, cargo, everything is now available for XBox/PS4 commanders, too!
  • Added Conflicts tab on minor faction pages and squadron faction overview, to provide more details about actual conflicts (should be properly populated by data after 3.4 game update).
  • Updated ship slots and modules for the 3.4 game update.
Check your CMDR profile, QoL improved... thanks to INARA!!!
It doesn't work perfectly at the moment but I could indeed import all my material data which is a huge step! Excellent website, thanks for the update.
I found the INARA update for XBox/PS4 users now able to import journal all mats and Fleet details today. What a great update we'll done. Is there a way to support the site ?
Using the module list feature I've identified I've lost a size 7 Prismatic somewhere/when.....been so long since I used it I thought I'd forgotton where I left it or put in on a ship and couldn't see it. The All module list feature is really good for reviewing and finding modules you've engineered in the past and may want to re-allocate.

Once I've finished getting the Pacifier Frag Cannons from Z Hudson I'll repledge to Smurfette and by a few more Prismatics.
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Cool. I have been away from Xbox (not just ED) for quite some time and planning a return some time next month. This is very timely
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