Incorporate GB DLC into career mode as well

Looking at Ghostbusters DLC for PC it has:
  • New campaign
  • New scenery stuff
  • Ghostbusting mechanics
- new feature is RESTRICTED to sandbox, challenge and custom scenarios ONLY (this was NOT mentioned when i read the fine print on the steam DLC store page. Frontier did you leave out that tiny little detail purposely? if so in a way i feel somewhat cheated)

Here is the DLC description fine print on Steam down to a T:

Notice that it makes NO mention that this new DLC is RESTRICTED to sandbox, challenge and custom scenarios ONLY. all it mentions is a new campaign and scenery features is all it does.

Is your theme park plagued by paranormal phenomena? Have you seen manifestations appear on your roller coasters? Are you looking for a way to protect your guests from ghostly apparitions? Then look no further; the Ghostbusters are here to help! Under the guidance of Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz and the Ghostbusters, free your attractions from ghosts and restore fun and excitement to your entertainment parks.

Planet Coaster is proud to introduce its most ambitious content pack, Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters. The pack boasts a brand new, story-driven scenario and employs the talents of Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton, who voice their roles as iconic Ghostbusters’ co-founder, Raymond Stantz, and Special Agent Walter Peck, from the 1984 classic.

Key Features

The most ambitious content pack for Planet Coaster to date, Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters includes:

• A fully-voiced, narrative campaign featuring the voice talents of Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton.
• Classic Ghostbusters characters such as Raymond Stantz, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a few surprises!
• A new interactive ghostbusting ride, The Ghostbusters Experience.
• Answer the call and bust some ghosts! A unique dark ride experience featuring a new interactive element. Bust ghosts, score points and aim for the high score table as players ride around in the ECTO-1 clearing a haunted location.
• A new, Slimer-themed kiddie coaster, the RollerGhoster. Join Slimer on this fun-filled children’s coaster ride. The RollerGhoster train features fan-favourite Slimer leading guests around the tracks twists and turns.
• Authentic scenery pieces and sounds straight from the 1984 original movie, including the Ghostbusters HQ, Spook Central, ECTO-1 and Ray Parker Jr’s classic Ghostbusters theme.

A captivating music collection

Empower your Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters experience into the beyond with brand new music, ideal for adding hauntingly good soundtracks to your new rides.

These include:

• Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
• Ghostbusters (Instrumental Version) - Ray Parker Jr.
• Ghostbusters (Acoustic Arrangement)
• Ghostbusters (Orchestral Arrangement)
• Spooky Library Scene Setter
• The Temple of Gozer

While i have to admit that this is quality DLC i have ever purchased it does NOT give you the same amount of "freedom" as CDPR's DLC does. Both of CDPR's "paid" DLC are unrestricted and can be "altered" (from a modding standpoint) in any way the player chooses fit. i do not understand why Frontier is not allowing this option of an awesome feature to be incorporated into career mode as well. it never ceases to amuse/amaze me when seeing guests in the park being freaked out by ghosts or when ghosts are being sucked into the trap. to have that level of "freedom of choice" or option is a must/MOST APPRECIATED.

So Frontier please add this option into career mode as well. i would like the DLC i bought and paid for gave me more "bang for my buck" in the same manner CDPR's does.
also we need to remove that 4 cap limit. when there are swarms of ghosts infesting your park like crazy-go-nuts i doubt that 4 exterminators can do the job effectively.
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