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Welcome Commander, to the Independent Pilots Consortium
A veteran group playing since 2014 are once again looking for new members

'Good Business is where you find it'

Who are we?
The Independent Pilots Consortium is an independent group of veteran Commanders who uphold the rights of the every-man in Elite, we are not linked to any superpower (Federation, Empire, Alliance) or Powerplay Power. We strive to protect and help anyone we meet and battle against hostile PvP groups. We offer many different gameplay styles from PvP to Background Simulation and group activities and events. If you are looking to join an Independent player group which is oriented around PvP, BGS and a fun community that is dedicated to the task then you have come to the right place.

That all sounds great but how do I join?
Joining is a simple process thanks to platforms such as Discord. We use Discord as our new means of recruitment and communication with other Commanders and Player Factions, to join click the Discord logo above to join our server and read through the recruitment section to get acquainted. All the information that you need to know will be in the Recruitment Info Channel inside the server. However to also make life easier the requirements for joining will be listed below.

1. Not just a member in name – The IPC is looking for players that are not just members in name only, we want Pilots that will contribute towards our goals and be active within the community.

2. Microphone/VOIP – Members MUST have a microphone to use over VOIP as well as speak English.

3. Agrees with the IPC principles;
• No pirating
• No griefing
• No Cheating
• Help newer players whenever possible

Independent Pilots Consortium Media

The IPC hosts a wide variety of different commanders with a wide range of interests. We encourage to production of videos and other media and run a centralised YouTube channel where our commanders can have their videos linked to gain increased exposure.

Check out our YouTube channels clicking the icons below.

Our Commanders are fully supported in PvP engagements and operations are ongoing 24/7 as well as through Background Simulation (BGS) activities. Role Play and video recording sessions are planned as well as fun and relaxing sessions such as canyon races on planetary surfaces in SRVs and Eagles, demolition derby in sidewinders, PvP friendly duels / training or Hauler Squadron vs Type 9. We welcome involvement in the senior commander's IPC "Fly With Me" YouTube series.

Any Questions Just Ask.
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