Index VR setup help needed(Ryzen 3700x/2080 XC Ultra)

Finally got hold of a base station after having the HMD for around 3 months so all set to experience Elite in VR, however I am really struggling to get things working.

Any advice on settings in the game itself along with Steam/SteamVR and the nVidia control panel appreciated.

Are you looking for graphics settings? There's a good tutorial on that which might help. I haven't gone through it all the way yet but I'm going to be in the same boat with a new Index next week 😄

Did you try out the SteamVR Performance Test? Your hardware sounds pretty good so you might be able to just crank everything up. I don't know a lot about optimizing hardware for VR. If there is any CPU bottleneck it would probably mention it in the performance test.
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