Indiana Beach (or Indiana Beach-like park)

With the sudden news of Indiana Beach's permanent closing, I decided to dive back into my unfinished park. It was last saved on Oct 22, 2017! Here is a screenshot of the park. It was one of the best traditional parks in the country, up there with Knoebel's, Kennywood, and others. It had a long walk through attraction called Dr. Frankenstein's Castle. A train ride with two stations. An antique car ride. Boat rides on the lake, and more. RIP Indiana Beach 1926-2020. The owners plan to sell off and move rides, and probably demolish the remains of the park. Wooden coasters are probably doomed. They were built by the defunct CCI. It's always sad when a traditional or historical park closes for good.

2020-02-20 04_30_48-Planet Coaster.jpg
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