Indoor attractions workaround

There is a way to make working indoor attractions like haunted house, 3D cinema, etc. Put a flat ride one like the scrambler or whip that doesn’t go upside down or in the air inside of your building. The building will hide the flat ride and you can have a queue line go up to the building and in where it will connect with the ride entrance. Exit path can leave ride and go outside of building. I didn’t try this, but I thought about putting the flat ride underground to hide it or building walls inside around the flat ride to hide it further. This way, you will have the appearance of guests entering the building, and then leaving the building.
you can do this restaurants or hotel pods as well.
But then you would not be able to experience the "ride" when you´re in POV mode. If you´re watching the game through the eyes of a peep, the game will exit the peep-cam as soon as they enter e hotel/restaurant.
Or something like the former Trauma Towers at Blackpool where it had a spinning ride at the end in a room, use a queue line for the walk through portion of a haunted house, then have a flat ride at the end in a spooky room.
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