Infinity Battlescape

From I-Novae:

"Some more screenshots this week from inside the Battlescape Prototype.

The features are coming along nicely, and we're testing different navigational controls, network stability, sense of scale, and planetary flight mechanics... among a couple dozen other details.

The shots you see here were taken at two separate planetary bodies in the same system."


Cant wait :)
The physics are completely Newtonian, ICP-style. You can fly your ship  with auto-assist on, which helps to control your flight direction and  speed. It also performs hovering on planets by compensating the gravity  by using the lateral thrusters. If you disable your computer's  auto-assist mode though, you get pure Newtonian physics including  gravity from planetary bodies. Orbital velocity mechanics are also  supported.
what ! for real , this is a must support game for sure!
Very nice; however it becomes a bit ugly when they're flying close to the ground. There is a lot of work to be done there I suppose.

By the way, I like the robust, heavy-duty looking ship design.
Very nice; however it becomes a bit ugly when they're flying close to the ground. There is a lot of work to be done there I suppose.

By the way, I like the robust, heavy-duty looking ship design.
What you see is essentially prototype.
Its not finished. But damn it gets better and better.
Too bad they are keeping the best stuff for the kickstarter.
I bet they have lot more to show, but as already stated several times they want the highest hype when they launch the campaign... ;-)
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I will leave this quote here :)

Flavien Brebion:
"Kickstarter Video submitted for approval ! Expect an official announcement with the launch date within a few days !"
Frontier are you checking all this and making ED better than this indie game? :rolleyes: :p
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Why do these heavy PCG game take so long. I think because most of you take riskless sequel production of FPS clone of routined studio as reference. But new team or one man making his game vision which leans heavy on PCG. Which isn't the defacto standard solution in the game industry. But rather excotic. Devs need to figuring this out for themselfs.
It is also reseach and prototyping. It is not normal production. As such the already figured out what Frontier did in very light way decades in the past. That because that old BBC was very limited. Now with Teraflops avaible PCG posibities get far more complex as in 2015 you need to render realistic result in FHD instead modeX or less then that abstract look and feel.
The modern day PCG dev icluding frontier and there game take this far beyound what Frontier did in far past. So in essence they go to new terrotory of much higher level of complex PCG.
Even Frontier passed PCG planet side landing to big second release production. So that statement that is a big task. They need to figure out and is no routine job. So they doing lot of PCG research for modern day expectations. Because Elite older gamers are from a so different acient time.

What frontier had is focus on the PU and MMO which is something new to them and the core of there feasability skunk work research they did from 2006.
Then they play it save and build the core game that space part. In more conventional way. ED is a PCG conventional hybrid in its current state and infication is the large team working on it.
I followed Infinity for years and years and lurked the forums for a while too. The engine was impressive back then and it's very impressive now as well, but I just don't dig the idea of the 'game' itself. Ideally with an engine like this it should be an exploration based experience with VR support or something. Won't be giving them a penny during the kickstarter, I'll wait for the end product, if it ever appears.
Ah good, I'm pumping the respirator as hard as I can. Well I think its a respirator. :eek:
Lets hope its a sign of things getting a little closer. I'm looking forward to seeing their initial pitch. Button pushing should swiftly follow that I'm sure. :D
So, just a matter of waiting for the KS to start now. Will be backing this for sure when it goes up. Another space game, can't be bad, next two years or so looks very interesting.
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