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Infinity: Battlescape - Alpha Patch v0.3.5.0( Friday, 7th December 2018 )

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Welcome to the second limited Infinity: Battlescape beta week-end.

We would like to remind you that the game is still in alpha (beta backers only have access this week-end) with full beta scheduled for early 2019.
Many assets are placeholder or work-in-progress. Ships are untextured, gameplay features are missing and UI is basic (no star map, no missions menu, no ship selection or upgrades menu). We will be
iterating both on the visual effects and gameplay in the coming months.

Although the current version is rough around the edges, we sincerely hope that you will like what we are trying to achieve and have fun.

A community event is planned on Saturday 8th December at 20:00 UTC on the server. Players will gather and try to play objectives to complete a full match (or two) in order to stress the server and test
the gameplay. We hope to see you in game !

Patch changes:


Armor points implementation (reduction on hull damage model)
All ships now have armor points, which reduce incoming damage on the hull. The interceptor has no armor. Capital ships have a high armor which will cancel most of the damage from smaller ships.
Note that energy weapons (blasters) are not affected by armor, and obviously generate full damage on the shields

Introduced heat mechanics to engine component

All kinetic weapons produce heat points. Each ship can sustain a maximum amount of heat points. The heat bar is shown on the bottom-right part of the HUD ring, next to the energy bar.
When it reaches out 100%, kinetic weapons will be unusable for a few seconds. Energy weapons consume energy points and aren’t affected by heat mechanics.

This is an initial implementation. The idea is to add more external factors (environment, overcharge etc… ) that will eventually affect your ship’s heat dissipation rate.

Revamped (again) voice commands playback volume rules

Allies using a voice command should now be heard now matter the distance.


  1. Large ships now use dynamic mesh physics bodies. This should allow players to fly very close to the hull of capital ships. There are two important notes:
  1. As ships are constantly moving, you’ll probably be sent flying like a pinball if you hit a moving ship. Networked collisions can also cause interesting behaviors.
  2. Projectile hits are still performed using the ship’s bounding box. In the future we will replace it with more accurate collision meshes, too.
  • Added quick dampening of angular velocity when it’s over maximum angular speed threshold.
  • Revamped ships masses. They were not coherent before (a destroyer was only 3 times more massive than a corvette). This should result in more realistic behavior in ramming scenarios.


Initial implementation for the new capital ships control scheme is underways. This is a massive work-in-progress. The current state is not satisfactory, however we’ve decided to release it publically to gather feedback on it in the early stages. So before testing it, please take into consideration that it’s only half playable and will still need major improvements to be considered a decent state.

By default, capital ships still use the old navigation-cursor based control scheme. To enable the new control scheme, use F4 to cycle through control schemes ( it’s after Direct mode ). Note that it’s possible to play in small ships with the capital ships control scheme too - it might even be a fun ride.

The way the new control scheme works is by decoupling camera orientation and ship orientation. You don’t need to hold any key to turn the camera around the ship. By pressing forward, you align your ship to the camera’s orientation, instead of accelerating. You can still strafe with the other keys, however to accelerate and start moving you have to use the target speed controls ( 1-9 or mouse wheel by default ).

At the moment, there are 2 main issues with this control scheme:

  • If you want to orient your ship, you need to point the camera at the direction where you want to turn.
  • The ship is in the way of the camera and often blocks the aiming marker, used for the large guns. More work on the camera behavior is planned in a future patch.

Other changes:

  • It is now possible to cycle through control schemes in spawn or spectator modes.
  • Radial menus are now usable in direct Mode control scheme.
  • Formation resets to free when the target is lost.

HUD / Camera:

  • Added radar type preference to launcher settings dialog (ring, front/back, or both). Spherical radar is always turned on. The default is ring (no front/back radar).
  • Team scores bar now shows up temporarily on HUD for 30 seconds when scores change.
  • Lead reticles are now displayed on top of other HUD 3D indicators (previously, they were below all other indicators!).
  • Added low damage feedback warning on reticles.
  • Limited HUD negative FOV that made helmet go out of screen.
  • Turrets aiming helper dots are no longer displayed in spectator mode.
  • Increased opacity and brightness of information / meters in the HUD ring center.
  • Third-person camera is now reset to default view distance when the view changes.
  • Added parameters to control smoothing of camera movements in third-person mode.
  • Improved smoothing related to accelerations and angular velocity in third-person mode.
  • Removed hard-coded parameters for min/max view range, now set up in actors config files.
  • Updates to camera component for relative vs absolute mode.
  • Select nearest (default: G) will only target hostiles; will expand range and type to stations when there are no more hostile ships around.
  • Increased navigation cursor’s max screen radius.
  • Reticles used for locking are now displayed even for turrets.
  • Added heat meter to HUD.
  • Added a heat alert when heat reaches its maximum and dissipates.
  • Auto assist and reverse mode now blink the system on the HUD.
  • Added alert when exceeding safe warp speed.
  • Added tip for opening the large zoom.
  • Minor HUD color tweak.
  • The spherical radar’s range dynamically adjusts based on the ship’s speed ( so in warp, the range might be hundreds or thousands of Km ). Default range is still 25 Km.

Game balance:

  • Increased voice command notification duration from 7s to 15s.
  • Tweaks to navigation cursor settings (deadzone, sensitivity), so that interceptor is slightly more precise to beginners.
  • Reset weapons cool-down to zero when ammo type is missile or torpedo.
  • Added a repeater gun. This gun, as its name says, fires shots in quick succession, then cools down for a few seconds. This is now the default light anti-aircraft defence for stations and the destroyer.
  • Added MK5 guns to Cruiser;.
  • Added Armor points to all ships;.
  • Weapons stats tweaks (spread, turn speeds, damage) to rebalance taking into account ships armor reduction.
  • Increased Destroyer roll dampener.

Bug fixes:

  • Cockpit alert light now takes power state into account.
  • Fixed collision damage localization which was calculated in world space instead of object space.
  • Fixed potential crash with deferred light pipe and shaders that don’t use atmospheric settings.
  • Fixed issues related to ghost keyboard help screen on initial spawn menu: escape or ctrl or chat were not working.
  • Debug menu (F12) can now be opened in spawn or spectator modes.

Assets, graphics, performance:

  • Reduced holographic scanlines in HUD composite shader.
  • Added client caching of mesh bodies for body components.
  • Added shadow map resolution power curve setting to better control shadow maps transitions agressivity.
  • Tweaked geometry rejection default settings.
  • Reduced max shadow pipe processing queue budget time from 5 ms to 3 ms per frame (will gain an FPS or two around stations).
  • Gas giant color tweaks (config can now specify a user-defined color table).
  • Tweaked clouds transparency function for gas giants (now based on camera distance for smoother transitions).
  • New weapon meshes to replace the old placeholders.
  • Implemented LOD for weapon meshes / objects.
  • Weapon impact effects now scale depending on weapon parameters.
  • Tweaks to lights for station modules. They are now appear bigger.
  • Added placeholder lights to capital ships (destroyer, cruiser and carrier).
  • Revamped impact effects and colors, now different for metal / shield vs kinetic / energy.
  • Tweaks to team paint colors.
  • Updates to hauler lights (they were incorrectly offset and appeared out of the ship).
  • Swapped cap ship spawn dock’s default Z orientation.
  • Improvements and optimizations to lights in fighter and corvette bays.
  • Various stations materials upgrades and improved textures.


This patch introduces a series of massive networking improvement, mostly affecting players with high latencies and/or unstable connections ( high packets drop ). The network stack was modified to increase redunduncy of packets in case of packets loss. Players with high-latency connections ( > 200 ms ) might consequently notice an increase of bandwidth, however the game’s stability and network smoothness should have vastly improved.

  • Decreased orientation tolerance for error correction, for improved accuracy.
  • Implemented an adaptative server input buffer queue which grows or shrinks dynamically based on the client’s latency and connection stability. This should reduce error corrections and unwanted “loss of control” when the network is unstable.
  • The input buffer queue can still be set manually with /SetInputBufferSize N command, where N=0 to 64 which represents the queue size in server ticks. A value of 0 (the default) means “use adaptative mode”.
  • Added a /GetInputBufferSize command to query the current input buffer size.
  • Added client network interpolation delay parameter, which can be changed with command /SetUPSDelay. Default value is 2.0. This affects how much in the past the client displays server actors.
  • Increased server lag compensation max history from 32 to 64 ticks.
  • Increased server max input queue size from 10 to 64.
  • Added client error correction smoothing for velocity.
  • More tuning for adaptative input queue on server side ( will now estimate initial connection latency ).
  • Added more information ( input queue size, framerate, tricount averages ) for server players list dialog.


  • Added max AI speed limit ( 500 m/s ) to avoid having bots fly at many km/s when engaging each others.
  • Matrix inverse optimizations.
  • Warning when damaged material does not exist (instead of an exception).
  • Added minimum tesselation depth to terrain engine.
  • Renamed classification of hardpoints from MK1 to MK6.

The game loader can be re-downloaded from the Infinity: Battlescape website:

Second beta week-end now OPEN - feedback thread


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Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

An optional hotfix is available for patch As it is very light and optional, we’ve decided to skip the full patch reinstall and go for a manual installation.

Download hotfix here

Installation instructions:

Simply unpack and overwrite contents of the .rar in the Bin folder of Battlescape ( default: C:\Program Files\I-Novae Studios\Battlescape\Bin )

This should be a safe operation, no need to do backup of original files.

The server was already patched earlier and is still compatible with

This patch addresses 2 major issues related to the new capital ships collision meshes:

  • Fixed precision issues with our physics library that caused capital ships to be ejected at high velocities and spin away from contacts with any kind of installation / station.
  • Fixed major framerate slowdowns when colliding with installations / stations in a capital ship.

Second beta week-end now OPEN - feedback thread


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Infinity: Battlescape forums:

Weekly Update #130: Capital ships, Armor plating, Heat mechanics

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Hey everybody, time for another update. Last week we released patch which introduced collision mesh bodies ( instead of bounding boxes ) allowing ships to fly close to the hull of a capital ship. Unfortunately, a bug in ODE ( our physics library ) went undetected and caused floating-point precision issues with large coordinates. This was addressed in a manual hotfix ( ) the next day.

We made a lot of improvements to the game in the past weeks too. We tweaked the gas giant’s colors to cyan / blue ( instead of the old pink which was less realistic… ), as you can see in the picture below. More importantly, we introduced new game mechanics. The first one is armor plating. Every ship now has an armor plating level ( in the future it’ll be upgradable ) which reduces incoming kinetic damage on the hull. The idea here is that capital ships should be close to invulnerable to interceptor attacks, which at present is not true ( a group of 3-4 interceptors can easily destroy a cruiser, provided they focus on it ). Small ships, like the interceptor or bomber, have low or no armor plating, so this change is mostly affecting capital ship’s ability to sustain kinetic damage from smaller ships.

Note that the energy damage model is unchanged ( interceptor blasters can still deal full damage to a capital ship’s shields ).

The other change is more experimental and may or may not stay in the future, but is at least worth testing: heat mechanics. The main idea here is to prevent kinetic weapons from firing forever, uninterrupted, which sometimes looks silly in game. Each kinetic projectile accumulates heat, which dissipates at a constant rate over time when not firing. When the maximum amount of heat the ship can sustain is reached, the weapons systems shut down and it is no longer possible to attack for a few seconds. Obviously, this is our first iteration on this system so the balance is off ( especially for interceptors ), but the key point here is the potential for this mechanic to be tied to environmental effects ( not getting too close to the sun, or to a lava surface, or to a hot atmosphere ) and/or missiles locking ( some missiles could lock more or less easily depending on the target’s heat emissions ).

An alternative is to remove the heat mechanic and replace it with a simple reload mechanic instead. This change would be pretty easy to implement, but it has less potential for interactions with the environment or with other systems. It would also likely be more reliable and less frustrating for the player, so a choice has to be made here. It is possible that we’ll end up experimenting both and decide after beta which mechanic we’ll cut and which one we’ll keep.

Below you will find a question we would like you to vote on please - Q1

Q1. Considering both mechanics, we can host a poll to see which one players would favor in theory:

Go to the original post please to vote on Q1 - HERE

Last patch also introduced the new capital ship control scheme. Unfortunately I lacked time to finish the initial implementation, so this first iteration is pretty bare bones. The main idea is to separate the view control ( looking around the ship ) from its movements / orientation ( so you can look on the sides while it is moving ). It is similar to what you find in games like Dreadnought, Fractured Space or World of warships; except it’s a bit more complicated, as those games typically only deal with pitch and/or yaw, but not roll, and their gameplay is roughly oriented on a 2D plane/volume, while Battlescape is 6 degrees of freedom. At the moment, a key is dedicated to aligning your ship’s orientation to the camera’s. It is bound to “forward”, which prevents the ship from accelerating directly ( you can still set the throttle / target speed though, of course ). I’ll probably end up moving it to another key ( maybe left-control, which acts as the view-around key, which is always active in the capital ship control scheme, so it’s useless ? ).

Another idea is to take the game into a different direction, more RTS-like for capital ships, utilizing point & click to control their movements. I’ve been playing with this idea for a while, but practically it does not work so well, again for the same reasons: 6 DOF means you need to be able to orient your ship in any direction ( including roll ) or strafe; but using point & click restricts most operations to a 2D plane ( which could be user-customized at any time ); but even then, solving the issue of roll and depth above/below the 2D plane, would require… a lot of clicking… for every single little movement… which defeats the purpose of Battlescape being an action game in the first place. Therefore, I currently have no plans to push this idea any further.

Next week many of us will be leaving for Christmas vacation. But don’t worry, there is still more to discuss, and especially about more experimental changes coming in the next patch ( target: second week of January ) related to the flight model and AI. This should be pretty interesting!

-Flavien Brebion


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Weekly Update #131: AI and flight model experiments

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Hey everybody ! We’re just back from our end-of-year vacation and wish you a happy new year. As you can imagine, development has slowed down in the past 2 weeks, but I started to work on a bunch of experimental changes that were on the todo list for a while.

AI improvements

The interception algorithm was redesigned. The old algorithm wasn’t anticipating well enough where a moving target would lead and lagged behind. The new algorithm takes that into account. You can see the difference in the following picture ( click to zoom in ); the red object is moving from top-right to top-left with a constant velocity, and the green object starting on the bottom right tries to intercept it. As you can see, the new algorithm immediately leads towards the future position of the red object and intercepts it twice as fast as the old algorithm…

The interception code is currently in use in various systems, so all of these will benefit from the improvement: bots AI, flight assist ( formation modes ) and missiles/torpedoes.

On the topic of AI improvements, I’m currently working on rewriting the bots AI. Battles ( especially the large ones involving 100+ targets ) are too chaotic. Now, chaos in battles is somewhat expected and desirable, but our AI code basically ignored any teammate. The new AI will take teammates positionning into account. For this, I took inspiration from “boids” algorithms. If you don’t know what a “boid” is, just google the term and look videos for “flocking simulations”. Here’s a video where you can easily see what it looks like:


Those algorithms are used to recreate the natural behavior of animals ( or fishes underwater ) flying together as a crowd from a set of very simply physical rules.

My goal is to have battles form structures: ships flying together, in formation and covering for each other, and only breaking formation during dogfights with a specific target. Then regrouping after the fight is over. The result is that we should see “clumps” ot ships flying together much more frequently.

Another important change that I’m working on is having a clear start / end to battles; At the moment, battles randomly start all over the world without any clear indication on what’s happening. In the next update, the AI commander will accumulate credits on a per-location basis, instead of a global pool, and schedule fleet battles accordingly once a credits pool for a given strategical insllation target is reached. Once scheduled, a timer will appear, letting all the players know that a battle will start at location X in 5 minutes. The AI will also stop reinforcing once credits are exhausted, resulting in a clear loss for a side after a while. If I have time, I also want to give the ability to bots to attack enemy structures… which as you can imagine, will cut down the match duration by a lot.

Flight model experiments

The next patch will also introduce a bunch of very experimental changes related to the flight model and weapons range. Before Christmas I tried to reduce ships accelerations by half, but didn’t like the result ( it felt like there wasn’t enough difference in acceleration power between some ships ). I settled on a reduction of ~20% for the interceptor, ~15% for the bomber and ~10% for the corvette, and no change for the capital ships, as a starting point for the new patch. I also reduced accordingly some of the weapons projectile speeds, and introduced a “soft” cap speed for all the ships ( basically, the target / throttle maximum speed cannot exceed 10 seconds of acceleration. This makes more sense than a bar that goes up to 50 km/s, which nobody used ). Note that you can still go over the cap temporarily by manually accelerating.

There is still a lot of work to do for the next patch, so I’m not sure when it’ll be released, but we’ll probably have a better idea next week.

-Flavien Brebion


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Weekly Update #132: The Road to Beta

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Hi everybody ! In this update I would like to come back on the state of the project as well as our plans and schedule for this year.

We’ve recently announced our permanent beta launch on the 9th of February for Lunar backers or above. For the full details, check this thread on our forums:

Infinity Battlescape Beta launch: 9th February 2019

The choice for the date has been tricky. As you may be aware the game isn’t feature complete yet. However we feel that beta backers have been waiting for a long time already and Keith will be mostly unavailable between mid-February and March (he’s preparing his wedding), so the next window of opportunity would have been April which was too late.

The other problem is that we still need to invest a significant amount of time on the user interface / menu system, as many of the remaining game features have a dependency on it (like the star map, missions screen or equipment upgrades). This will likely take weeks, during which there will be no further patch or gameplay changes. This is currently scheduled to start right after the beta launch, so starting mid February there will be a period with a slowdown on development news / patches until the first version of the UI is ready, probably around early April.

In the short term, for the beta launch, development will focus on the AI and flight model updates, finishing up the capital ships control scheme and weapons systems, and tentatively the return of the asteroid belts. I originally wanted to publish an intermediate patch for the flight model updates, but the AI changes have been pretty complex so in the end the next patch is scheduled for early February, right before the beta access.

Once April comes, we will be focusing our efforts on implementing the last remaining gameplay systems. We have been working hard on this game for many years and as you can imagine, delaying the game to 2020 simply isn’t possible any more for a lot of reasons so we’re currently targetting a form of launch or another after mid summer. We’re going to evaluate our development status around May-June to decide if we go for an Early access or directly for a full release. It is pretty likely to be an Early access though as we still have a lot of work to finish and content to add before Battlescape could be called a full game.

In other development news, the AI behavior / boids changes are almost finished. I’m pretty happy with the way things are turning out. Battles certainly look more structured and interesting than before. There is still one blocker: I’ve entirely reworked the priority / targetting systems, so that capital ships favor attacking other capital ships (rather than often trying to chase a lonely interceptor, like in the current public version… sigh… ) and interceptors favor attacking other interceptors or bombers.

One thing isn’t work out too well yet: bombers. Due to interceptors having a higher priority towards attacking them, bombers often get “ganged up” by tons of enemy interceptors at the beginning of the battle. It is pretty hard to find good parameters / weights to the heuristics formula so that interceptors have a higher priority towards attacking bombers, but aren’t ganging up too quickly on them either.

On the art side, Dan’s still working on collision meshes. Once all collision meshes are ready, we’ll implement more refined intersections for projectiles (using the collision mesh instead of the bounding box). It will look more pleasing visually too but I wonder how this will impact hit accuracy when a player is firing at a distant interceptor (it is easier to hit a big bounding box, than an actual mesh with a more complex shape). This means that we’ll probably have to rebalance the small ships weapons and/or interceptor stats at some point.

Kristian has finished texturing the cruiser or almost. He still has to generate a UV map for ambient occlusion and color map skins. We should be able to present some renders in the next update. Our goal is to have all ships texturing finished (or close to) by April.

Jan is still doing a lot of misc work, related to improving geometry / texturing on station modules, experimenting with new particle effects, importing new weapons meshes (we now have the assets for laser countermeasures and missile/torpedo launchers for capital ships) and more.

-Flavien Brebion


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Weekly Update #132: The Road to Beta

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

One thing isn’t work out too well yet: bombers. Due to interceptors having a higher priority towards attacking them, bombers often get “ganged up” by tons of enemy interceptors at the beginning of the battle. It is pretty hard to find good parameters / weights to the heuristics formula so that interceptors have a higher priority towards attacking bombers, but aren’t ganging up too quickly on them either.

Hmm...should not interceptors also act as a fighter screen for bombers so any friendly interceptors within X distance of a friendly bomber under attack should engage it's attacker.
Saturday, February 9th 2019 : Beta Weekend No.2

Originally posted by I-Novae Hutchings - Developer/Artist - source

You’ll need access to the Beta to participate in this Community Event. See all the FAQ for the Beta Here

As of February 9th, Beta Backers will be given PERMANENT access to the latest build of the game. We’ll be hosting an official in-game meet up on that day. Details Below

Saturday, February 9th 2019 : Beta Weekend No.2

Event Time…
20:00 Saturday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
World time Buddy Event :

We’ll stream for 2 hours, and get in game throughout the weekend.

Event “Schedule”

Join the game

Get on Discord Infinity Community Discord Server

  • This event will coincide with the first Beta Patch, Ship controls, collision meshes, visual FX, Ship Materials, gameplay systems, new weapons, and more… So we’ll review the latest updates.
  • Test systems added or changed in the patch, and get some PvP gameplay going.

Going to cover the updates on stream first, then explore gameplay for 1-2 hours live
We are likely to stream the gameplay on the I-Novae YouTube channel
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Weekly Update #133: Cruiser - Road to Beta

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Hey everybody. This will be a quick, screenshot-intensive update, as we’re gearing up for the beta tomorrow and a lot of work remains to be done ! But we’re happy to show you the results of our first textured ship, the cruiser. Keep in mind it’s a work in progress, we’re still tweaking the materials, adding decals and more effects.



The red color map you can see in these screenshots is only the default skin. There are also 8 more that we are experimenting with, and they’ll also be available in the beta patch. Much less work has gone into them yet, so they’re more like proof-of-concept than the default dark red skin, but here’s a picture showing them all:

-Flavien Brebion

Don't forget the beta weekend community event. See the previous post for full details.


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Beta Weekend Game Patch - ( Saturday, 09 February 2019 )

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Welcome to the Infinity: Battlescape BETA.

Please keep in mind that many assets are placeholder or work-in-progress. Most ships are still untextured, gameplay features are missing and UI is basic (no star map, no missions menu, no ship selection or upgrades menu). We will be
iterating both on the visual effects and gameplay in the coming months.

Have fun and let us know your feedback about the game on our forums, thank you !

Full game patch changelog here:

Full game patch changelog here:

Beta Game download here:

Beta Feedback Thread


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Infinity: Battlescape - BETA Launch Event

Originally posted by I-NovaeHutchings - Developer/Artist - source


Quick presentation of the textured cruiser

Infinity: Battlescape - Now that we are in Beta

Originally posted by I-NovaeHutchings - Developer/Artist - source

Now that we’re in BETA…

I’m looking to organize more community events, please let me know which time(s) could work for you.

  • Confirm your UTC time conversion for your local area before voting, and take into account future daylight savings adjustments if they apply to you.
  • Check conversions here, world Time Buddy
  • Assume events will last 1-2 hours playtime. (Some events will be streamed on our YouTube channel)
  • If you have thoughts on meet up times, or things you’d like to see us do in future events, please discuss them in this thread.

Please come to the forum and vote on this please:
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