Infinity Coaster (Typhoon Infinite) Issues

I and many others have been looking forward to the addition of a gerstlauer infinity coaster for a while now. Now that it has actually been implemented, I have found several issues with the coaster type. In this thread I am going to use the Smiler as the main example.

Lift Hills

The first Issue is with the lift hills present on the coaster. I find it unnecessary that the vertical lift on the Typhoon Infinite Coaster needs to end with a beyond vertical drop. Many coasters such as the Smiler do not have this element after their vertical lift hills. To fix this they should add an alternate top to both of the unique lift hills that ends in a flat piece of track. They should also allow the standard chain lift to go to an angle 90 degrees.The second issue with the standard lift hill is the lack of a catwalk which is present on coasters in real life. They should add a catwalk option like copperhead strike where you can have a single sided catwalk.


The second "issue" is with the cars. Although this issue isn't that major, it is still something that I wish they'd add. I wish that they would add alternate models for first and second generation Infinity coaster cars. Each car is also a set of 2 rows, when only the first and second cars should be linked with 1 axis of rotation. The rest of the cars hould have a link that allows for 2 axis of rotation.
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Thanks for the detailed post!
I can only second all of this. When I noticed that theLIM launch-track can go up to 90° I was hoping that we could use this as a vertical lift and to avoid the stupid beyond-vertical-drop. But the LIMS don´t seem to be strong enough to lift carry the trains up a vertical incline. Why, Frontier?

I would also really love to be able to swap the new Interdimensional cars on the Infinite, so that we can build launched and inverting spinning coaster.
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