Influence caps/gains and the wine analogy

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We look at it another way - its still c.!0 - just mission +s are now worth 1/4 rather than one....Bounties 1 rather than 2 etc
Headline: the caps are the same, it takes more effort to get there.

The BGS appears less transactional because the threshold for value-based transactions to be maxed out is higher - so its a lot more common for an action to be less than a full transaction. The effect of missions and exploration is approximately 1/4 of 3.2 values, trade appears to be the same murder and bounties are halved. However, there are regular
server-side adjustments to both the weight of different activities and possibly the value of the leveling off point.
Are you saying FDev is dynamically changing the rules - so 1 tick this works and next tick that works?

Perhaps they find it easier to hide their bugs behind that approach. :(
Okay so I'm new to the BGS scene. May I ask if I understand this correctly:
the change in faction owned influence within a system is capped at 10 transactions per system... is it per hour?
So if I wanted to make the most use of my time I'd be best served by doing 1 or 2 transactions per system per hour?
OH... so it's... okay I'm lost. If there are no other transactions for other factions within the system then only the first 10 matter?
Yes, if you can ensure every transaction is only for one Minor Faction. Doing anything further once you have hit the cap will have no effect. That MF will win the maximum amount of inf that can win given its influence level and systems population.
So my take away is that it's most efficient to do several high INF transactions in one day and then move on. If one had the time you'd be able to work a few systems yourself that way.
depends. That only really works like that in no-traffic systems.

Where we operate, traffic (both "random" and targeted) is what we're battling, and 10 transactions only doesn't really ever come into play.
So my take away is that it's most efficient to do several high INF transactions in one day and then move on. If one had the time you'd be able to work a few systems yourself that way.
population size also plays a role when calculating influence swings in a system. doing 10 high influence missions in a 5 billion pop system will do nothing noticeable (when you consider counter influence from traffic). doing a handful of medium influence missions in a 10,000 pop system could result major movement.
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So population and player traffic are big variables when planning one's strategy? Low traffic + low population = minor required effort. High population + high player traffic = massive required effort?
you got it. i suggest to find yourself a low pop no traffic system as your playground. take a month and get to really know the mechanics: flip the power structure, learn how states affect missions both locally and in surrounding systems, expand a faction, send one in retreat.

use the inara systems page to understand how your transactions appear over time and how detect other commanders actions.
I have tried to put my best understanding of that basic math logic in a google sheet for you to play with and get better understanding in how the influence gets distributed each tick.

You are supposed to change the value of the green enclosed values to see how it the new influence is calculated.

Hope this gets you clarified.

Note: I only put the formulas to simulate positive influence each tick.
Note 2: The bottle size formula is surely off by several percentage points, Jane might know a more accurate formula.

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