Ingame Music

the music of the game are amazing and beautiful.
1- the only radio we have, the Gal-news radio, is limited to news only "indeed, its a NEWS radio".
2- we can not buy Planetary SRV music, even when we own Horizons, they are not released yet and no one knows when. so if we love to hear a music masterpiece, we land and stand still in our SRV and wait for the music to be played randomly. "the pause between soundtracks is pretty long"
3- we can not control which music to hear ingame even when we bought the "Vanilla" OST of the game from the store, there is no way to implement it within the game.
4- it would be nice if we can make a playlist that contain the music we bought or even whatever other music that we own to listen to during the long playtime we spend instead of listening to the looped constant tracks been played over and over again for hours (especially if we play exploration style).
5- it would be awesome if we have a radio to tune to that plays random music or even different channels for music or talk shows or news "other news than Gal-news" or even player made channels. (if they do exist, please let me know how to tune in).

1- release the Horizon OST.
2- add a control ingame to create playlist from the local soundtracks (where we have our downloaded OST or other music)
3- add a control ingame to (play/pause/next track/previous track/stop) to control that playlist.
4- add an option in game's comm panel dedicated for music and radio.
5- facilitate the players based radio stations that can broadcast music or news or even talk shows, so that other players can tune to through the comms panel. (this will kill the boredom of long distance travel).

please forgive my ignorance if there is something already there and i don't know about it. instead guide me to it. thanks all.
I think this is a great idea! We definitely could use more in game music. And opening up the possibility for CMDR to create their own talk shows should be create. I am sure you could Obsidian Ant to have his own channel.
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