Ingen Database help required after new DLC!

So with the Claire DLC, in the separate Sanctuary campaign you have a more limited form of the database to fill in. I'm chill with gradually getting that done.

What I'm currently stuck on is how to unlock these Location entries, brought by the DLC, in regular campaign mode: Nublar North and Sanctuary.

Any tips on that? I've tried putting down Paleobotany stuff but it hasn't triggered anything, yet.
So you mean they are database entries that are impossible to unlock in the Claire campaign? That wouldn't be very good!
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Just tacking on the end of this as Im looking for info about playing Sanctuary and Nublar North in the regular Campaign.

I take this to mean I cant play those locations?

Also I finished the DLC and wanted to re-visit Nublar North, but cant fond a way back other than a restart.
I'm running into the same problem. I've 100% both campaigns and previous DLC already and I can't unlock the Nublar North and Sanctuary Location entries in the InGen Database. Either I'm thinking this is a bug or I'm missing something here. Can we get any help on this?

Edit: I figured it out. After I had completed the Claire Campaign I needed to load up my main campaign save and go to Isla Matanceros in order to unlock both Nublar North and Sanctuary's Location entries.
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