Intamin Swiss Bob coaster

Devs of Planet Coaster please put Intamin Swiss Bob coaster for next DLC's or Updates?
If you don't know about Intamin Swiss Bob

Here's to pictures and videos of what Intamin Swiss Bob looks like:

I wish developers will put this Intamin Swiss Bob coaster in Planet Coaster. Will you agreed?
I know this is off topic but Did anyone hear the news that Bob at Efteling was going to be closed forever on September 1st.

Here's a video about this coaster
Yes. Unique as a coaster type. Not so great coaster though.

It will be replaced for a duelling powered coaster by Mack.

I believe there is only one Bob coaster left when Bob disappears. INTAMIN doesnt produce parts anymore
You are right this isn't the best coaster ever, but in my opinion it is definately an Efteling Landmark that will be lost forever! It's a pity they couldn't do a renovation like the Python.

Actually, after the Bob's closure, there will remain two Intamin Swiss Bob's. Both in a Six Flags Themepark (US):
  • La Vibora, SF Over Texas
  • Alpine Bobsled, SF Great Escape
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It would be awesome if they plan a surprise tribute like with the Blackpool wooden Mouse. Bobsleds in general are fun to build, cool to watch and unique.

But I'm afraid it won't happen since signs on the wall say that Planet Coaster development did -much like Bob will in 10 hours from now- cease to operate.
I would have preferred the Mack version with the long trains. The one we have now would -although very nicely rendered- suffers from the inability to
have more cars per train.
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