Interested in Fair Rides

I know I'm sure there are many MANY posts on the forums regarding what rides people want in the game so I apologize if maybe what I'm going to say sounds like deja'vu.

Basically, I honestly don't mind what's given in the vanilla launch version of Planet Coaster and I'm sure FD is making plenty of more free content that they will add later on to expand all categories in the game. One of the things I would like to eventually see implemented is basic Fair quality rides. I know some of you are thinking, "why on earth would I want some cheapo fair rides to put in my AAA quality park?" well simple answer is, sometimes I don't intend to design AAA quality parks and having only AAA quality thrill rides (very large ones at that too...) offsets my whole park aesthetics. Basic rides like the ones in this link -- -- would be great. I know it may seem like a strange request, but honestly I like to have more range in quality of rides too in case I decide to make a state fair like park or a recreation of a park from the US Midwest.