Interstellar Communist Union


Why are we here?
We are here to bring together people who want to realize the most bright and humane dreams.
We are here to create the unity of the dissimilar.

What do we want?
We want every person had all the opportunities for self-realization.
We want a lasting peace, prosperity and high hopes for all mankind.
We want good and happiness for all, and that no one is left offended.

Where are we going?
We go to where there will not be disadvantaged peoples, were stay in the past all forms of slavery, where everyone can find his calling.
We're going into the future, into our future - the future of humanity, into a new world built by people for people.

Who are we?
We are - the union of free pilots: Explorers and the Warriors, Merchants and Industrialists.
We are - the dreamers and romantics who are ready to fight for a better world.
We are - Interstellar Communist Union.


Discord channel:

Short concept of Interstellar Communism
We believe that the further evolution of the human society in the 34 century strongly inhibits the conservatism of its social structure. We are confident that the technologies available in the 34 century allow automating most of the activities related to the manual and monotonous hard work. Moreover, it will reduce the cost of production of basic goods up to the minimum level. The guaranteed unconditional income at the same time allows to avoid "man-caused unemployment", and instead release huge resources for the development of science and art, and to give everyone the opportunity for self-realization. Thus, each person may be able to realize his or her intellectual and creative potential. This will prevent such phenomena as poverty, destitution and slavery. In its turn, this will allow humanity to rise to the next stage in the evolution of the human society.
- «What is the guaranteed income you are talking about? Сommunists do not use money !!!»
Not quite. Capitalists often say that "money is force". You know, Hertz was able to build the mechanics did not use the concept of force, but, as it turned out, in a sense, "the game is not worth the candle.". So it is with the economy. Money, in their original meaning, were invented as a universal medium of exchange, and as such are quite comfortable. However, concepts such as inflation, value added, loans at interest are not fundamental properties of any economy, but a means to the enslavement of the people. The best slave is one that believes himself to be free. Can you imagine the physical experience, in which " force makes extra force"? No. Why, in that case, the principle of "money makes more money" is valid and correct?

Something about equality and inequality

Increasingly, as a counterargument to "equality" becomes a statement that it does not make sense because the "It is unattainable because of human nature". It is not cause any dissonance with our statement because we do not aspire to equality of all human beings in terms of absolute equality of individuals. Such approach is very harmful and destructive in terms of the evolution of human society. (Keep in mind "The unity of dissimilar!".)
People always are born with different predispositions and abilities, which determines the potential of the person. According to this, speaking about equality, we first declare the equality of opportunities for the realization of individual potential of every human being, self-realization - in the measure of his own abilities and desires.
Certain level of skills and abilities determine such a thing as an "index of social significance", which becomes one of the basic guidelines for the identification of possible areas of responsibility of each person.

The most popular questions to the ICU
With the global event "Dangerous Games" we recive a lot of questions about the ICU. Here we will publish answers to the most frequently asked questions.
1. What is ICU and what are its goals?

* ICU is the group of players united by the goal of spreading communism in its best fantasy and exalted form through Elite: Dangerous universe.
* Despite the widespread belief about the views of the group, the ICU doesn't consider the interstellar communism as a projection of real historical or existing political regimes or leaders. ICU see the model of interstellar communism as аn idealistic form of technologically advanced meritocracy that probably can’t exist in real life today, but it was described in science fiction as a bright future of humanity filled with space romanticism. Many of us inspired by the sci-fi setting “Noon Universe” created by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky for their novels about heroic space explorers, engineers and scientists. Those books became classics of science fiction and were published in English and many other languages. You can read more about it on Wikipedia
* Though group consists mostly the Russian-speaking players at the moment, we have a plan there are a lot of players from other countries too (Ukraine, Belorussia, France, Latvia, Great Britain,USA) and we have a plan to build international multilingual player's community.


2. What are some achievements our group is particularly proud of?

* The best achievement we proud of is the number of systems we took under our control by expanding our minor faction and making it ruling faction in those systems. Apparently that’s why our activity was not too noticeable all this time. The opportunity to create our own unique Power gives strong motivation to many of our group members.
* However, there is something else. We maintain diplomatic relations with other player groups, at least as much as our English proficiency allows us  The best diplomatic achievement is the peace agreement with Sirius Gov on the Galactic Council level. This makes a good proof that language gap can be bridged when both sides are interested in this.
* Our internal achievement is the structure of the community that gives a place for all players who can afford to spend different amounts of time on playing the game and have different gameplay preferences. For example, there are special sub-units for player who prefer deeper involvement in group activity. Those are Progressors, Regressors and Protectors – each of them corresponds to different gameplay styles, needs of our group and game mechanics involved. Peaceful miners and traders are wanted as much as PvP aces.
* Also we are working on creating a new multilingual informational community resource, which let pilots to communicate in different languages (spoilers).


3. What character will represent your Power if you win?

* We don’t have any special and detailed representation of our character. (we trust this work to the Frontier Development). Do not expect that we will seek through portraits of communist leaders of past or present to find some inspiration or give honors to one of them. Probably it will be more like something you can see on sci-fi cover art.
* Speaking about the name… we discussing a possibility to name power leader after one of the characters from “Noon Universe”, like Rudolf Sikorski or Maxim Kammerer to honor Strugatsky brothers, like FD honored Terry Pratchett and Leonard Nimoy by renaming stations.


4. Why should Commanders support your potential Power over others? How will it make Powerplay more interesting?

* If you look at Powerplay impartially you will see that it is far from being complete in terms of representing all different types of political bases, major goals and moral values. One of the most obvious gaps is for communistic power. Uprise of communistic power will improve balance between powers and bring more diversity to Powerplay. If players will see the full spectrum of possible power types, it is more likely that they will be involved in Powerplay even if they will not join ICU particularly, but we believe that our ideology can give reason to join Powerplay and/or become more of roleplaying type of gamer to many independent commanders out there. Probably supporters of Antal’s Utopia who see it as some kind of communism will find our power more suitable and close to their moral values.
* And of course all enemies of Federation and Anarchy will rejoice.

Also, We would like to dispel some myths about Interstellar Communism
Myth 1: "ICU is very puristic about government types".

One may think that communistic power doesn’t accept any type of government except communism. This is wrong. This is not only unacceptable in our vision of communism but also impossible because of Powerplay mechanics.

Myth 2. "ICU roleplaying totalitarian, violent and aggressive faction something like “Red Scare”.

No we don’t. We realize all faults that real life attempts to create communism had, all mistakes that were paid in blood and that apparently communism can’t be built in 21’th century with current level of technology and social maturity. We would like to build futuristic utopian communism in fictional universe of Elite: Dangerous. To put it simple we are roleplaying good guys, not bad guys.

Myth 3. "ICU is a bunch of crazy guys who hanker after old days and glory of Soviet Union".

Exactly! We also think that next spaceship that should be added in the next expansion pack must be Soyuz 3... : )
Speaking seriously, we do respect all achievements of Soviet Union, especially it’s space program, but once again, we don’t want to be associated with any real life governments and politicians.
In conclusion, we would like to say that ICU is a community of mature, sensible, polite and very friendly players. It’s even became a common practice to help new players to grasp the game, not obliging them to side with us, in our open Teamspeak channel for independent commanders, so everyone is welcome.

Message from the ICU (16/05/2016)
Commanders of Elite: Dangerous universe!

By this point we already know something about new Power nominees and who is who. Many people have probably picked their votes already or formed specific requirements that will affect their vote.

We don't have much time so i won't be talking about most of theese things. I'd like to talk about the game as a whole.

What we can say about the E:D universe future is that it will probably be formed on the basis laid down now, and Power Play powers have quite an impact on it.

There are many existing Powers and they are different enough for almost any Commander to find something that suits his taste. Almost. But the further his preferences are from the existing Powers, the harder it is for him to make a choice, the further he is from E:D universe and its offers.

And that is why i would like to talk about the following matters.

First question is: will the new Power be something really new, something truly alternative to the choices Commander already has now, not some combination of existing options?

Second qusetion is: will the new Power be natural enough for E:D universe so that its creation and existance would not require special excuses and intricate word-play?

We are certain that the idea of Interstellar Communism is a positive answer to both of these questions.

Interstellar Communism does not require elaborate justifications for its Power, there's no need in fanciful explanations such as what is it made of or what does it stand on. Interstellar Communism is self-sufficient construct that requires no additional reasons to exist except for the very basic ones. It's natural in terms of dominating ideologies representation and the its probability it to appear in Elite: Dangerous universe. It doesn't contradict anything. It is exactly what current array of Powers lacks.

ICU had the means to create a coalition and therefore improve the chances for additional support and eventual victory. Alternatively, ICU could just become a part of even more popular factions and form an armada that no doubt would have a big chance for victory. But what would be the price of such a victory? What benefit would it provide to Elite: Dangerous universe? What would it give to those who didn't find their home in this universe?

Should we be just those who won? We are certain that this is not enough. ICU is a community of many Commanders who didn't find their Power among the ones present in E:D universe. This is why we don't only expect the people who are friendly to us or hostile to our enemies or treat us as potential ally or an assosicate to support us. We count on those who care about the Elite: Dangerous universe content and the availability or alternative choices in it.

Thank you for your time!

ICU about Empire
One of the most interesting questions is what is ICU’s attitude towards Empire.
Let’s try to give full and clear answer on that matter.
Basic points which determine our attitude towards Empire.
Honor, independency, solid moral standards, stability and integrity are qualities of the Empire people that we respect. Historically, ICU and Empire had never directly confronted each other. In case there will be conflict between ICU and Empire we will keep in mind that we can solve any conflict peacefully and that we have common enemy – Federation.

Very often when we give any positive characterization to Empire they ask “What about slavery? Slavery is legalized in Empire! How can so advanced ideology as communism get along with legal slavery?” First of all, we must declare: ICU does NOT support any form of slavery. However, we see big difference between what is called slavery in Empire and other forms of slavery.
Imperial Slaves actually get paid for their labor. If someone is in the debt pit or can’t fully provide for himself, but still is capable to work, he can sell himself into slavery for certain amount of time for certain amount of money. So it looks more like long term employment. It is considered very prestigious to be a slave-holder among imperial society, but great responsibility comes with it. Holding slaves can increase your social standing, but treating them irresponsible can decrease it. If you holding slaves in Empire you must make sure they get at least minimum provision and don’t work themselves to death. That all doesn’t mean that imperial slaves never get abused. However, compliance with this order ensured by a powerful organization, and getting under its attention means trouble. You can’t be made a slave against your will under Empire jurisdiction. Even if you were captured during battle you still have a choice to become or not to become a slave, though you can make some money out of it. Slaves can form a family. Slave families can have children. In that case slaver must provide for this children until they reach adulthood. Trading slaves is legal in imperial society, but you must respect their rights and sell them only to one who can treat them well, including transporting conditions. Society is conservative by nature, and Empire has many hundreds years of history (and this is history of prosperity), and slavery is deeply rooted tradition, based on such notion as honor: it is a dishonor to live in debt, decent Empire citizen would rather sell himself into slavery if he has no other option to pay his debt.

Considering all these facts, we can see that slavery in Empire is form of social protection. What other alternatives besides military service other factions have? Of course path to prosperity chosen by ICU implies totally different ways of providing social protection for our citizens. Empire itself is searching for other path: we talking about imperial power whose views are most close to ours - Aisling Duval. We don’t know all the details about Aisling’s plans on eliminating slavery in Empire but anyway it is very brave and risky move which means (as minimum) that at least part of Empire is not on the wrong way.

Our interview to cmdr Bear Heroditus (Kempston Productions):
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Thanks for this. It's been a bit quiet from you guys. The more information and communication the better.

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Oh... and great logo!
Thank you! In the near time we will fill up header of this topic with more information.
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Hey, how do I join you? I've been working with the Eranin People's Party fighting a civil war against the bourgeoisie scum trying to hold down the proletariats in the sector and after tonight's battle where a they deployed a capital ship against us over Azeban I think it might be time to get some back up.
Nice logo inded. I'd like to talk to you a bit but don't want to use teamspeak at work. Do you have skype or IRC or something?
You guys are making a great showing so far in the "Road to Power" competition.

I particularly like the fact that you are the only power-candidate that offers something really different.

You may want to open that "international division" before the games start. :D

Battle on.
Hi, If any of you have free time, I am hoping to find like minded people to help me in my quest to return Eranin to Communism.

I stopped by one of my favorite systems, Eranin, only to discover that the system has shifted from Communist to Confederacy. The native Eranin People's Party has been supplanted by the Terran Colonial Forces. I loved the idea of Eranin being a happy ideal Communist system where everyone pitched in to make Eranin Pearl Whiskey according to their ability. Now it's been invaded by Colonial Forces. I have been doing missions and fighting in the combat zones, but I don't think I can do enough just on my own.. So if anyone wants to help out and fight for the Eranin People against the Colonial oppressors. I heartily invite you to come over and help me out, The People, united shall not be defeated!
I am mostly an explorer, usually outside the bubble these days. However, I will be sticking around inhabited space to assist and support ICU during the rise to power.

Not certain I will engage in power play once you have (hopefully) won, but you are certainly the power I would like to support.
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Hello Chrisfs, I'm down to help you in Eranin. I was battling it out in that system a while ago until I got ran off by a capital ship. How about we get together this weekend to take back the system?
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As the great Gagarin said, "Поехали!"
I am new to the game but would certainly be looking to join your group. I will look out for you comrades.
As the great Gagarin said, "Поехали!"
I am new to the game but would certainly be looking to join your group. I will look out for you comrades.

This summer we expect to start our new multilingual resource (forum, site).
Now we are looking for an English-speaking coordinator of the ICU community.
Everyone whom we know from the English-speaking pilots will receive an invitation.
Also, we will contact with all pilots groups that support us or who want to join.
Stay in touch.
The development of human society has long stagnated in conservatism and outdated politics. It is time to blaze a new trail for our common future! We call on everyone to support the establishment of a new kind of power, one which at the moment has no political analogues in human space. Only united we will be able to break the shackles of reactionary government and bring life to humanity's vaulting ideals! Only together can we give birth to a power that will be a stronghold, a bastion, for all those looking for new ways to prosperity for mankind. The road to this critical point in history has been long. Now, it is time to act!
Hi, I haven't been involved with you guys, to be honest, I haven't been in the game, since I've got a big grind to get through to make an exploring-ready Asp.
Anyway, what I was thinking was, with this news of a second bubble, what if we did whatever we can to ensure the new bubble is part of the ICU? You may not have made it to Power status, but it's still possible to create a better world!
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