ANNOUNCEMENT Interstellar Initiatives - Bridging the Gap Preview

FD, please also revisit ideas like your old Titan X treasure hunt. I'd cry tears of joy if we had a CG to scour the bubble following clues to recover a well known hostage, had to stop a runaway megaship colliding with a station, had an imminent, Gnosis like real time Thargoid mass attack (so you had to run to safety, or simply run), had to rescue survivors inside burning stations while under Thargoid attack, foil assassination of an Imperial figure based on clues- but please use your imagination. Show us something we have not seen before that makes us sit up and go 'huh, thats cool'.

It doesn't even need to be in the form of a CG- take that Thargoid idea:

When Ed did his 'Thargoids Return' livestream, he put out a message to everyone playing (like the weekly Powerplay server notices). Imagine after Eagle Eye had been destroyed, people are wondering whats happening.....then we have one story of a fleeing ship telling us of a massive Thargoid invasion just hours behind them. We get one of these messages that is like one of these:

and then it goes Gnosis all over. Its like the Purge- for a set amount of time you need to be very careful, craning your neck to see if 'they' are there....presto, a seamless event.
They now allow small/medium ships to collect from planets as long as the land is flattish... SRV is only needed to activate the pylons the ships can collect directly from the ground now... This for example allow a DBX to collect items with out SRV as long as they are allreay exposed...
but a relog or exit and reenter the instance has always been required for fetch missions as the game engine does not spawn planet items while your looking diectly at there location...
Not so much about how you collect the relics, belly rubbing or srv, either way, limited number of sites, and relics per site. I hope Im wrong but the impression I got was that we would be tasked with gathering relics to be brought back to a somewhere. So as a 'community goal' it will pretty much relegate players to solo mode and menu logging to reset the ruins ( yes as it currently works ) in order to avoid tripping over other players trying to gather the same handful of relics. Not to mention the obvious opportunity to pew pew ships and SRV's in open, which would probably send anyone doing it to solo as well. So the 'community' would be less about the co-op gameplay and just about a total collected # column. Unlike other gathering material events like station construction, that at least presented some opportunity for actual group coordinated gameplay, that scenario would seem to push it the other direction, solo. The former weekly CG spots drew players together a bit, for better or worse in open play. The hinting was a bit vague and I'm hoping there will be something else to it than just gathering relics en masse in solo play, which would be pretty disappointing. The story line idea is great, but only if it leads to some interesting gameplay. Fingers crossed...
Interesting,..vague but interesting. Sounds perhaps like a grind to land, recover and transport relics etc..Make some loot and repeat!
Could be an interesting experience not to mention picking up more Guardian MATs if not already maxed out!
Greetings Commanders,

As you may have seen on tonight's livestream, we're proud to introduce the all new, first ever Interstellar Initiative - Bridging the Gap!

Check out the video below presented by Community Manager, Will Flanagan for an introduction of these upcoming activities.

Bridging the Gap will begin on 29 April 2019, beginning with a decision for the community to make together! We'll be releasing more information starting April 29, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or simply check back here on the forums.

Fly safe, Commanders.

Hey, 29th April? - Isn't that the day Salome was assassinated?

Will these videos be "playable" in the game maybe the top right screen could be used for playback so we can get the info whilst flying around :)
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