Interstellar Supercruise to Alioth from 78 Ursae Majoris

I don't happen to have a permit to Alioth, so I've decided to try supercruising there. It should theoretically be achievable, given fuel consumption rates and the measures I've taken to reduce them, and of course the effectual accelerating multiples of faster than light travel... which seem to have slowed down and stopped at 2,001c. "A space odyssey," some might say.

We'll see though. I have my doubts about being able to drop out of supercruise in the Alioth system itself.

Wish me luck.

Good luck Sir!

I was pondering blockade running but had negative reports on it. Good speed. Let us know how it works out.


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You can't SC between systems. When you jump in is when the target system loads.
So what happens otherwise?
I tried it shortly after release, at some point the distance to the destination system stopped shrinking at all.
Well, look at this, Ben Ryder... hmmm... something smells fishy here ;)
Ah right never looked back at that.

How very disappointing.

Working as intended. Fine. Cant walk from a to b. Have to use fast travel. That's a bit naff considering the hype about making a realitc(ish) galaxy.

I always thought of it like a flat map not jumping in and out of fenced off boxes. The galaxy just got a lot smaller. 32ish x 32ish cube with a few pockets.

So what happens when you add wing becons in to the mix?

Say one chap fly to ssyem x under supercruise and another hyper flips its and drops a nav beacon?
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'm most of the way "there" now anyway, so I'll stick it out just to see what happens, even if it's nothing. If these kinds of journeys aren't currently possible (as seems likely), then I agree that it is a shame. Hopefully they will be at some point in the future. I like the idea of there being a possibility to sneak past jump requirements, if someone is willing to invest the time to travel the distance in supercruise, still making it a relatively challenging thing to be able to achieve. Leaving and then coming back to a system still wouldn't be very feasible on a regular basis without a permit.

It isn't exactly "a space odyssey" if you aren't actually going anywhere other than farther away from everything else. A very strange model of the universe indeed, though understandable, given game design mechanics.
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I would love to hear your conclusion of this experiment.

Say, what would happen if we winged up?
I have Alioth permit, so if I go there, can you get to me by wing beacon?
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Starting to get close now. About 0.10LY out. Only two tabs of fuel left too though. Getting pretty close. Hope I can make it close enough. Might have to self-destruct at some point, but will see how close I can get.

I'd be interested in winging up, if I get "there." WR3ND is also my name in ED.

Edit: Make that 2.5 million Ls.
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You can't. If you could, then permits wouldn't work... and FD would need to develop an entirely new "lockout" mechanism. As well as developing a full supercruise-based system transition. Which is a lot of work to deliver "supercruise between systems" as its own Thing.
As we thought, it sadly wasn't to be. I was able to get close to the target, but that's all it was when I got there.

Strangely, I did see some other ships in supercruise though, apparently leaving what would have been the star, as if it were actually there. I didn't investigate that further though, as I had other issues to deal with, like being very low on fuel.

I was able to jump to LP 131-66, where I promptly got too close, mistakenly thinking I could scoop some fuel there (I wasn't quite thinking as rationally as normal). After taking some heat damage trying to jump out, I was barely able to make it back to 78 Ursae Majoris, fill up from its hydrogen corona, and then get interdicted! Ha Ha. But fortunately I easily outran the troublemaker in my now refueled low weight optimized Viper and made it safely to Seddon Gateway.

Thanks again to Draxxen for helping to test some of this out! We teamed up in a wing and he made it to Alioth and set up a beacon. But of course as I was still technically in the 78 Ursae Majoris system, I couldn't jump to it.

This may have been a futile endeavor from the beginning, but I'm still glad to have at least attempted to do it. I can fully understand why Frontier wouldn't want to allow access to some systems, but I think that being able to supercruise to a system without having a permit to it would be an interesting and immersive game-play mechanic. It isn't really worth the trouble to do so and doesn't gain you much of anything other than being able to potentially go there and say that you did. You still wouldn't be able to jump to it without a permit, making it unfeasible to go there on a regular basis, if at all.

So, here's a picture I took of Alioth for my records. We'll meet again on different terms when I have my permit. ;)


Well done OP. I remember I was planning to try the same, but I've read that it's impossible... so I didn't bother.

I believe that this mechanics which efectively splits the galaxy into series of "rooms" was the price we had to pay for multiplayer: it's easier to keep the track of players and sync them with instances, which ED is using very extensively pretty much everywhere. Otherwise, Cobra engine should be capable for seamless transitions.
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Thanks guys. It was a fun effort none the less, exiting the known universe of the game, in a way.

Whiterose, it was more like a plastic void of infinite expanse with a celestial backdrop, minus the plastic. ;)

I was able to go past the target and around it. But that's all it was, an empty point in space with a name.
I would still like to know if you can supercruise towards a system to bring it within your effective jump range - considering that we're about to get extended fuel tanks, it could have an impact on exporing the more ephemeral areas of the galaxy.

e.g. 15Ly jump range, and a 20Ly system; supercruise 5Ly (~22hrs?) and then jump the remaining 15.
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