Interview with ED:RPG Creators - Post your Questions Here

Next week I will be doing an interview with the creators of the Elite Dangerous: RPG game.

For those of you not aware, this is a tabletop RPG (similar to Dungeons and Dragons, Whitewolf, Cyberpunk 2077 and other such games). Spidermind games are putting together a number of rulebooks that will allows players to adventure in the Elite galaxy, and it is all backed up by the rich lore and history of the game.

Currently they are running a Kickstarter for the project, and you can see that here:

So, if you have any questions, please post them in this thread, and I will make sure to ask them.
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Excellent. I'm very keen to know if the character Pranav Antal will be included or perhaps come in as part of a source book. I know a great many creative players who have helped form the lore in game around this characters and created a great many published article on galnet and it would be wonderful for them to have the opportunity to create the characters back story in the RPG. Will this be possible?

Here's a small sample
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Are they looking for Traveller like RPG or StarTrek RPG gameplay? In other words: Will there be progression from low-level grunt to sharpshooter Calamity Jane, or will it be Ensign to Junior Lt, but YOU stay the same?
Will it be a decent percentile based system or an awkward level based multiple dice type thing? e.g Rune Quest vs D & D
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Will the career paths in the RPG include all the ones in the video game (mining, exploring, trading…) and wil they be equal (i.e. Will one be clearly better than all the others)?
Also will CQC be a playable game mechanic or referenced in any other way? What about engineers? Do they make the special weapons?
Is this going to be awesome? :p
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What can you share / know about the current plots such as alien ruins, thargoids, baranacles, crash sites, etc. that is not already common knowledge?
How closely you cooperate with Frontier Development? Are some aspects of your rpg system based on upcoming unannounced features/ storylines of Elite Dangerous game?
How do you reconcile the critical need for an interesting stable/sensible lore and matching the source's gameplay-based vague and fluctuating lore? (ex: the whole instant 3d printing of ships we almost got, the fact that travelling to the end of the galaxy is a mere question of hours, that shipping across any two planets in the bubble only takes a few minutes, the instant revival technology...).
Hello Mr Ant,

My question is: After the initial Kickstarter goodies, how do Spider see longer term support of the line, given the limitations of the license?

Do they plan to improve/upgrade their character sheet? i mean so far if i have a force based thing to test for one of my player i have to do it under athletics skill but it seems to basic for me so far, at least for my exeperienced players
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