Introducing Commander Copdoggy

Do I have to pay to watch your video, is there some hidden cost to justify why you are advertising your wares on the forum?
I suggest you watch the video first before considering it as only propaganda? Of course, you are welcome to do and say as you wish. :)

If there is any "hidden" agenda or advertisement at all, it is to persuade those not familiar with Open Mode, that there are PvP Commanders who are always honored by PvE Commander presence in Open mode. We try to show our respect by fighting for or escorting PvE Commanders in Open Mode. We do not always succeed, but we sure as heck try.
Do you think Kandinsky liked doughnuts? He was into circles after all, toroids are not too dissimilar....
I'd find it hard to believe that anyone as innovative and generally awesome as Kandinsky didn't like donuts.

As for your video it's certainly a refreshing change from watching a multi plasma FDL obliterate some poor chump in an Asp :D
@BrzkInUk not many cmdrs take a wing invite from an unknown ship. in this case we were surprised that there was so much communication between us and the escorted ship.
but you are totally correct. being in our wing would increase the chances of a sucessful protection a lot.
Been in Deciat last night in order to acid (gank) test the latest additions to my fleet, but you guys seemed to have cleaned up already... it was kinda boring as nobody attacked me all evening:p
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