News Introducing new Community Manager, Will!

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Welcome Will. The jump between an Asp X and an Anaconda is pretty big. Both ships are good at long haul passenger missions. Obviously you can carry more with the Anaconda and potentially it is much more survivable in combat. The downsides are that it's much less agile and considerably more expensive to outfit. It's also not so good on planets. I would probably choose another ship before the Anaconda. The Python is a good intermediate option so the change in handling isn't so dramatic (unfortunately it's not in the same league for jump distance). Another ship to consider is the Orca. One last point about the Anaconda is that the view from the bridge is not brilliant.
im sorry, who is bill ? lol...

by the way ... greetings to will and all cmdrs...

suggestions :

1. replace account delete function otherwhere
2. as all in vulture fan i like to see
a. 5a powerplant
b. 6a power distributor
c. third hardpoint ( for additional greyhound missles or other funny weapons)
3. solo gameplay under master rank ( or so... ) only... all ranks above open only

in my opinion this will promote thinking about flystyle and reduces solo gameplay hoarding

warm regards,
virionbot aka cmdr myloon
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Welcome Will.

I wonder who told you it was a good idea to become Community Manager here......

Good luck man,'ll need it.

I will on behalf of the White Templars, I welcome you to the community!

Also i welcome you to join our Brothers of the Carpe Noctem team at colonia!
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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