Ships Introducing the Diamondback Explorer

If you are a beta player you may have already seen the Diamondback Scout, but have you seen the Diamondback Explorer?

The Diamondback Explorer (picture foreground) was the ship featured in the concept art in Newsletter #70 back in April. This is a long range combat and exploration-leaning craft, sitting somewhere between the Cobra and the Asp. The Federal military wanted a cheaper, cut-down/smaller ship, and that became the Diamondback Scout, to use as a small multi-role attack and assault ship. The Scout (the smaller ship seen at the rear of the image) is also available to players, priced below a Cobra.

The Diamondback Explorer will appear in the latest Powerplay beta build.

Click below to see the image:

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Edward, I'm curios. Is this a reaction to some of the negativity about the Diamondback or was this always the plan?
Either way, more ships, excellent news.
And will that build be out after the AMA? I've seen a couple of NPC DBEs about in Beta 6 and look forward to getting my mucky paws on one to fly myself.

EDIT: and if you introduce any more variants, keep an eye open for naming conflicts with BMX or mountain bikes from Diamondback. I remember wanting a Diamondback Axis back in 1993 or so...
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this is great stuff...... can the 2 ships be interchanged via module swaps or are they totally separate *** (edit... no I guess not, its seems obvious i need not have asked... my other Q stands however)

***I cant help it and sorry to whine ;) but I hope FD do not try and use these as TWO of our 30 flyable ships.. after all they are almost the same ;)

I am hoping this is just considered a slightly different model number of an existing chassis
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