Introducing Tim, your new Community Manager!

Tim Smith

Lead Community Manager
Hello Commanders!

My name is Tim, and from this week I’ll be joining the community team for Elite Dangerous here at Frontier!

In Elite Dangerous, I’ve recently been enjoying kitting out my hauler and essentially playing Catan with all the trading I’ve been doing. I can’t wait to kick it up a notch and get involved with everything there is to offer (I’ve got my eyes on the Fleet Carriers already!).

Otherwise, I’m a big gamer (that’s all of us though!) and love playing a variety both online and offline. If you want to talk anything from Elite Dangerous to board games to Animal Crossing, hit me up.
I’ve already been welcomed so warmly by a whole lot of the community, and I can’t wait to get to know you all here too. If you’ve got any questions let me know! I’m easy enough to find here, over on Twitter and on discord (VindictiveCoins#1583).

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to the meat grinder forums!
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