Iota Persei Independence Party - Looking for new members

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What you need to know about us...
  • The majority of our members are based in the U.K.
  • We're casual players; most active on Evenings and Weekends
  • The Squadron doesn't enforce specific members to play in certain ways; we all do what we enjoy doing
  • We're a newly formed Squadron, and we're looking to expand our numbers with more English speaking players in the same timezone
  • We are not currently affiliated with any Power faction
  • We are not currently affiliated with any Super power
Which systems are we based in...
  • Iota Persei
  • Capella
  • LHS 547
What is expected of you...
  • Be resepectful of other members
  • Join the Discord and Inara Squadron
  • You are not required to relocate to the systems we're based in
  • Once we have a minor faction created, you will be expected to occasionally contribute by helping to spread their influence
Why join IPIP?
Iota Persei Independence Party is a newly founded Squadron looking to connect players that share a similar opinion on the game and are looking to start working with a dedicated Minor Faction to help spread influence throughout the Galaxy. We will likely not be challenging the leaderboards in the early days, but with new growth and members, there's always an opportunity to expand beyond our current horizons.
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Hello Commander

Iota Persei is currently under the control of Tharsis Corporation, a faction of players whose squadron is the 3 Federal Intervention Fleet.
If you want to establish your base in Walker City you are welcome to come in peace.

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