Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition:

1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on a planet. Just to stretch your legs, take pics, scan surface manually by hand, or even pick up a package/mine ore by hand. Or the real driving reason for this post: Fly to your custom built home and park your spaceship in you personal dock on your personal plot of land. Is this a possibility for future update or are all Commanders conscripted to being paraplegics?

2. Is it possible to allow players govern their own space colonies of NPCs (or small group of players/NPCs)? Perform said colony expansion the way this mechanic works in Stellaris? Basically use the existing Power Play and other game features to rise within factions in ED. But add a Civilization/Stellaris faction building player feature that would permit players (once they're at the highest rank/influence of the Empire/Federation/Alliance) to be able to influence how their faction expands thorughout the galaxy. For example in Stellaris, the player can customize not only what their race looks like, but give them personal characteristics (eg. nomadic/space faring, xenophobic etc.) The player can determine the rate at which their faction/species evolves in terms of science, engineering, technology etc.

The UI interface and game mechanic in Stellaris for the way players interact socially/politically with NPCs and the universe is somewhat similar to Elite Dangerous (i.e. by a series of complex menus). So the Power Play feature is similar to Stellaris with the exception that the player actually gets to control the way their faction/nation expands. Instead of an NPC dictating how they should advance. So once a player achieves a high enough rank/influence/favor withing the Federation/Alliance/Empire, could they receive this unique ability to be treated as a faction leader by NPCs and/or players alike?

3. Given the sheer extent of planets in the galaxy, would it be possible for players to buy private land on designated ones? i.e. of all the procedurally generated planets, these would be a finite number of designated worlds that players could physically land on. The goal of this is to provide a Sims/Minecraft style of crafting & building sandbox for players. PvE and PvP players alike could use their billions of credits as a money sink i.e. let players:
  • build their personal space residence on a planet. Set DO NOT TRESPASS/no fly zones beacons around their space base on said planet. Any ships trespassing can be shot down by player situated lazer turrets etc. and other defense systems.
  • be able to land and setup space camp on water friendly/earth like atmosphere planets? Like literally camp out on a M class or earth like planet? How about fishing on said water planet?
  • be able to land on resource rich planets, get out and manually mine water/ice, minerals? Farm/harvest space food? Trade with friendly alien species?
  • create a space farm colony on a planet or on a customized space craft with farming modules.
  • create a personal/public space port to help cut the jump logistics down on deep space exploration.
  • create some sort of legal or black market trading hub where NPC and player ships alike could dock to trade slaves other black market commodities and refuel/repair. These player bases would be alternatives to players trying to evade NPC docking stations and help augument existing black market stations in the game. The trading prices at these player built outposts would be determined by the existing economics of the game in that region of space.
  • create a luxury space B&B/hotel for exploration/deep space tourists en route to a destination on a mission etc. Possibly with the ability to charge each NPC or player space craft docking fees for the length of time they are in your space dock
  • create regular player owed pit stops/space stations to support space race versions of Forza Horizon 4. Perhaps as a community challenge? Open sandbox personal challenge with NPC racing?
  • create a field outpost medical clinic. Allow emergency/first responder NPCs and players alike to dock at your player outpost for a modest fee. If part of Imperial/Federation, these bodies govern how much you charge ships and what ships can dock their (based on faction alliances). If player aligned with Alliance, they are considered independent and can charge NPCs/other players a modest fee (within what's reasonable for the economy in that space sector)
  • Create player owned civic structures like a deep space prisons/holding cells. So if the player is a pirate, legally/illegally marketing black market slaves, they can temporarily store NPC/contraband at these secret bases known only to the player and/or their squadrons. These player bases can be discovered by regular exploration and included in sector maps.

    So if the player is an outlaw, they would have the ability to jam sensors/scanners to remain unplottable off the map. Or hire NPC pilots to attack player ships scanning their bases etc.

    These secret bases would also be vulnerable to Bounty Hunters and/or other NPC raids. If the NPCs/other players are pirates, they can steal the NPC slaves/black market commodities from the player base. If attacked by lawful NPCs/aligned players, the same can happen. But the player's black market commodities would be confiscated and/or sold by the Federation/Empire faction.
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Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition:

1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this ............ Star Citizen?
Yeah I watched a video of space legs in Star Citizen a while. A guy got out of his space ship, walked down to the train station and spent the next ten minute sitting on a chair waiting for the train to arrive. No seriously, he had to catch the train to his house, so he had to sit and wait.

I don't mind the concept of space legs, but the moment part of it involves having to sit down and wait for a train is the moment I never leave my spaceship's cockpit again, I do that often enough in real life.
Yes. Saw several similar videos like it on Youtube. None of them do the rationale or need for space legs any justice.

What's your view on Space Engineers, NMS or X4?
What you're describing is No Man's Sky. Play No Man's Sky.
I would but I can't bear the visuals. They make my eyes bleed after a while. I prefer realism styled graphics in space sims (like X4) so the more cartoony/pastel colored games like Subnautica etc are out. Space Engineers is the most liberal I'll get with goofy looking avatars :LOL:
Yes. Saw several similar videos like it on Youtube. None of them do the rationale or need for space legs any justice.

What's your view on Space Engineers, NMS or X4?

NMS I looked into when deciding to buy my new game, and SC, but ED beat them out and seriously NMS, I looked at the layout and orbital mechanics of the systems, how it all worked according to the tech blurbs and realised they weren't even trying to simulate a solar system, it was just blobs of matter stuck on sticks and swung around in a circle, they weren't even pretending realism, so I declined on that one.

I don't demand absolute realism, that would be...difficult.... and if a dev says we tried but this is the best we could do I will take them at their word, but NMS wasn't even a try, I couldn't seriously entertain exploration in NMS. SE and X4 I haven't checked out seriously.
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