Is anyone else concerned about the final price?

It's the Pre-Order-Price!
They've already told us that there will be scenarios. I think you can trust them. ;)
I got it Sunday just gone. It's 19 pounds to pre-order the game, or 49 pounds for that and to play the alpha version and unfinished unpolished game. I live in New Zealand and it was NZ$108 for the pre-order and Alpha upgrade, which included credit card fees and GST thankfully. It's also the equivalent of Australian $92 round about that since currency between countries constantly fluctuates. 49 pounds would be like the same to pay for high end Xbox One or PS4 games. Gaming is not a cheap hobby. I see why many prefer consoles. No need to blow $1000-$5000 depending on which country or it will cost you an arm and leg for a PC with a high end CPU and GPU. But I think it's quite fair too the price for this game. Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One, made by FRONTIER, came out with a RRP of NZ$69.95 which I would have to use Google currency converter to convert to other countries. It was the same price for Screamride too, also made by Frontier. Frontier makes good looking games. And easy to play games too with the simple tools they provide.
Are we not taking into account that Elites alpha was £200 then £100 and then £50. I wouldn't complain about the 50 quid pricetag for alpha :p
So does this mean the Alpha price will drop as the Alpha continues?
No idea on that. I don't think it would happen really (they are price gating their Alpha and don't really need more people testing), rather what I see happening is the pre-order price going up as we move forward..
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