Is Artemis Lodge in Celeano a new station?

How many of the 20 do we have now?
FWIW, AEGIS has 17 stations up to now, IIRC Donar's Oak and The Oracle were there before the announcement, and they haven't yet gained control over Stargazer. Makes 15 new ones in total.

Wonder if anything else came along with todays update, the Thargoid story seems to have come to a relative halt otherwise. But well, time to check out the two new ones at least. Sad Galnet seems to have resorted again to boilerplate news.

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This weeks new ones - found by PanPiper & BagOfHolding: Pleiades sector kc-v c2-4 Oort Orbital (15/20), Borrego's Vision (16/20) in Pleiades sector IH-V c2-7 and Liman Legacy (17/20) in Hip 16753

So: 17 found after start of Aegis appeal - 19 if you count the two earlier ones. Appeal may well conclude next week .... in time for holiday season :D

Edit: Panpiper reports another: RIX Depot, aegis, in PS IH-V c2-5 - either 18/20 or 20/20 if you include the ones before the appeal.
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So the bait is in place (either this week or the next) and the Thargoids can start to attack them...time for the T-10 Defender to appear, it's weapons are already scheduled for today evening ;)

I moved my active fleet here for the Palin upgrade and have stuck around. The Thargoids are multiplying and are hyperdicting in Aries dark region now, and I finally got killed, a basilisk type, after trying the xeno scanner. So now I am engineering an AXaconda to try and fully engage with this content. I use Celaeno because it's closer to the bubble but Taygeta is more spectacular, the blue star is 4x bigger and makes everything look purple.
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I don't remember seeing it before and I can't find any trace of its existence on Inara and other similar sites.

Aegis is the controlling faction.

The station itself is next to a planetary ring, so it's very pretty to visit.
Obsidian Ant reported about this new base, AFTER I already made it my new home. I was searching for a station as close to the star in Pleaides and found it by accident. Great station in the asteroid ring.
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yeah there's a few strange ones

Armstrong Enterprise, Bhal - No Aegis presence in system and on the edge of bubble
Asami Orbital, Pleiades Sector JC-V D2-62 - Doesn't exist, yet?
Beaufoy Vision, Nauni - No Aegis presence in system and on the edge of bubble
Bennington's Rest, 49 N Persei - Doesn't exist, yet?
Cleaver Prospect, Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 - Doesn't exist, yet?
Exodus Point, Hyades Sector AB-W B2-2 - Doesn't exist, yet?
Gaiman Dock, 49 Arietis - No Aegis presence in system and on the edge of bubble, think we had a CG here?
Obsidian Orbital, Maia - No Aegis presence in system, hope its stays that way ....
Reed's Rest, Merope - No Aegis presance in system
Rix Depot, Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-5 - Doesn't exist, yet?
Weyn Dock, 64 Arietis - No Aegis presence in system and on the edge of bubble

All missing stations are in the pre logistics systems, aegis may take over the existing stations and change their names?
Also Galnet says they are "new laboratories, situated at starports across the galaxy" so probably not directly related to new stations they are building
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yes it's there missed it somehow
pre station is also in system so looks like you're right, the other missing stations are likely still to be added
Looks like FD have added the stations that they 'announced' in Galnet last week - Exodus Point and Cleaver Prospect confirmed.

Not seeing any Science changes as also predicted by Galnet...

Edit: Also Bennington's Rest in 42 N Persei - that should complete the 20
Hmmm - just noticied Asami Orbital is new (Pleiades Sector JC-V D2-62) - need to check my maths

Edit2: Ok, there are 22 new bases. Seems that the first two (found at the same time as the announcement) were not included? Now to find out what they're for. As someone pointed out, new CGs today...
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