Is Chapter 4 "make it or break it" for you?


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I've seen that comment many times in various places. I tend to refer to Q4 update as "make it or break it" as well, when it comes to my involvement in Elite.

There sure is a lot of hope and expectations for Chapter 4 in the large part of the community, judging by the comments all over the internet, be it these forums, other forums, various Discord severs nad social media platforms...

So just wondering how many people feel similar. Is Chapter 4 going to be "make it or break it" for you?


Some additional clarification :)

Well, not being a native speaker I perhaps didn't fully understand what "make it or break it" means. I really didn't mean it in a "I will definitely never EVER come back to Elite if Q4 does not deliver!" way. More in a "I'm going to have a very long break" instead :)
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No. I'm not sure what would make me stop playing completely. But it'd have to be really bad. Or an RL reason. :)
Still undecided.
If Q4 turns out to be a disappointment then I'll probably quit, wether I will return or not is still unclear.
Perhaps make or break is a bit too strong of an expression, but I am in that group of people for whom the incoming exploration improvements (whatever they are) are, by far, the most important update since 2.0, and by far the one with the most potential to make me stay for the long run. Mainly because space exploration is the only thing of all things in ED that no game ever did before (well a couple tried but failed). It's ED's major, most distinct feature, the unique thing no one else has. A whole 1:1 galaxy, our real galaxy no less, to be explored. The rest is still mostly nice, but ultimately just the same-old same-old.

The mere announcement of exploration finally getting a little bit of attention was already enough to make me start playing again after a year and a couple months of very occasional playing. Just knowing that there will finally be something other than honking and eyeballing re-ignited my love/hate relationship with the game, and for the last couple of weeks I enthusiastically returned to daily playing, even bought some new ships together with packs and kits, slowly preparing for the year's end Distant Worlds 2 Expedition, provided that the exploration updates are actually worth it and not just some background minor features like "a camera" or longer route plotting, and the sight of the oasis was just a mirage.

While I may sound a bit salty, I am actually in a positive mood about this, probably the most positive I have ever felt in the past 2 years, and believe the exploration update will be good and not just a few additions of barely noticeable gimmicks (although the fact the first exploration update in years is shared with mining updates and especially squadrons/carriers make me fear it will be a lot smaller in scope than I hoped).

Of course, I can be setting myself up to complete disappointment, and like always the bulk of the update is for other things, but well life goes on.

Ultimately, Q4 will be the sign of what's to come. I've been waiting years for this. If there's no worthwhile exploration updates this time, then most likely never will be and it's time to accept I've been grasping at straws for the past years. I won't rage uninstall, but I would go back for very occasional playing like in the past year, and any future excitement would vanish.
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No, I'm not a fan of ultimatums. I mean if they completely butcher the game with the Q4 update, I probably won't stick around, but there's no reason to believe that.

That being said, I do expect quite a lot from Q4 (or the ominous premium content). If the development pace stays the way we have seen in 2018 so far, I probably won't keep playing for much longer.
Not for me. But it is the update I am anticipating the most, and if it doesn't hit the mark, I'll be disappointed, for sure. I am trying to keep my expectations measured, but... I'm not really succeeding.
No. IMO chapter one already broke any hope of FDev ever fixing the game. I still like the game and play it regularly, but any optimism I had for the beyond updates is gone.

I expect chapter 4 to do for mining and exploration what chapter 1 did for engineers and C&P. It will be new and different but still very grindy and won't make much sense. And there will be lots and lots of new bugs.

ED seems to be destined to be an ever growing collection of half broken mechanics.
No. I enjoy playing ED as it is now. I'm not holding my breath for future updates but improvements will always be welcome.
Unfair to say make or break for me, I'm not that binary when it comes to ED...


It's fair to say that if Q4 turns out to be a great anti-climax after the hype train crashes of late, then, I will be quite disheartened.

That's as fair as I can be :)


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It won't make or break it for me but I suspect it might for a number of players.

Exploration updates & content is something I've been waiting for for a long time and for me it's something that needs a long overdue massive injection of content.

I'm on an extended break of the game at the moment and I'll never uninstall it I'll just keep playing a bit here and a bit there.
I don't think it is make or break for me but it will certainly influence how much I play and what I get up to.
I guess any update could be so awful (for me) that I stop playing, at least for a while, but that seems a bit of an unlikely outcome.
I've bounced off for a bit now to be fair, but this happens from time to time, sometimes you want a different experience. I'll be back soon or later I'm sure.
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