Is it possible to park the FC in orbit of a ringed planet?

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Is mine bad luck or is it possible at all to move the FC in the orbit of a ringed planet?
I've tried few times out in the black to move the FC in the orbit of an ice ring planet but it always say "no slot"...
When I bought it, it was parked in a ringed planet, but since then I could never do it again, so I was wondering if this works only in hand crafted planets or everywhere...
Do you have evidence that this is possible?
I'm not sure if its icy or not, but I moved my FC to a ringed planet (I would up between the planet and the rings). Maybe the planet has to be landable to be orbited like that?
Maybe for a gas giant you could orbit a moon of a gas giant I wonder, but not the gas giant itself.
My FC is parked between a gas giant and its rins. Perfect for mining Tritium, void opals, LTDs etc. The only drawback is that supercruise is affected by the planet's mass, so a journey of <30ls takes ages!

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From my experience the moon is better. Otherwise the carrier ends up really deep in the gravity well and drags out supercruise time.
So far better off orbiting a moon just outside the rings (of course if the outer is a huge ring, better off between them)
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